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  • Receptionist Supervisor

    Danielle Murphy

    I come from a very animal crazy family! I can't remember living in a house or going to a family members house who didn't have pets. I think this is where my true love for animals comes from. Growing up I had dogs, cats, lizards, birds, even a duck at one point. I could go on and on about all the pets I've fostered or owned. Little did I know I would get to work with them one day. I've worked in the industry the past six years and can't imagine doing any other line of work.

    I love my pets more than anything and love being able to care for other family pets as I would want mine cared for. I have 2 Pit Bulls Romy aka “Roro” and Junior aka “June bug”. I also have a Pit Mix named Jax and a bichon named CJ. I would love more but this is all my family and I can handle at the moment. My pups get a little jealous when I come home and they smell other animals from work, but they don't mind sharing my love.

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    Joselin M

    Why am I here at VCA Annandale Animal Hospital?

        I'm here because I have passion for working with people and their pets. My long-life dream is to become a veterinarian. I'm getting started by working in the animal care field to increase my knowledge. I have a lot of experience working with people and animals. I will always give you the warmest welcome. I have ben working with animals since I was 16. I will always care for you and your furry family member. I always feel like I make a small difference when I reach out a hand. I was always surrounded by dogs, cats, cows, chickens, and horses. My love for animals grew each year. I have worked as a kennel attendant before and also did 2 years of animals science at Edison Academy.  I have groomed pets and have learned much about the animal care field. I dont have pets now but I pet sit my family's pet's. I'm fluent in Spanish and English. I am currently attending NOVA of two years but plan to transfer to Virginia Wesleyan. My plan is to become Veterinary Technician first then begin the process to become a veterinarian. I have always loved being around people and animals.

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    Emily Z

    Hello everyone! My name i Emily. I;ve loved animals since  I was a little girl but decided to become a preschool teacher and work weekends at VCA Annandale. I feel very lucky that I get to work with children and animals. I feel like they have a lot in commom; they both need attention, love and care. I love coming to work every weekend and see new familiar faces and helping out as much as I can.