Our Pet Care Partners

Caring for all of your pet's needs takes more than we could ever provide alone. Here are some local organizations and businesses that we recommend to our patients and their families.

Pet Health and Lifestyle Information

We know a well-informed owner coupled with an expert veterinary care team is key to maintaining the happiness and health of your pet. That’s why we partnered with Vetstreet.com to bring you additional pet health and lifestyle information you can’t find on our website. Vetstreet.com contains a wealth of pet information written by leading veterinarians, journalists, and animal health care experts. Whether you are wondering about why your dog puts his head out of the window while driving, seeking a workout plan for you and your dog, or trying to figure out how to get your cat to take her medicine, VCA and Vetstreet.com are here to help.

Visit: Vetstreet.com

  • Matilda's Kitchen

    Matilda's Kitchen provides pet food for those in need. Their primary focus and goal is to keep owners and heir loving companion together. Pet owners know our pets help us through some of the most difficult moments of our lives. Matilda's Kitchen looks to  help people with a financial need be able to feed their pets and keep pets in their current home. This not only cuts down on pets in rescues and shelters but also provides hope to those that have fallen on hard times.

    Matilda's Kitchen also occasionally assists with veterinary costs on extreme cases.

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  • Good Karma Dog Cener

    Looking for Miss Manners for your dog? Good Karma Dog Center unites the science of how dogs learn with reward-based techniques. This method supports trust, teamwork and compassion. Together they will use operant and classical conditioning systems to shape your dog into a "livable" canine companion. Transform your dog's behaviors by way of guidance and leadership.

    Certified Dog Trainer Barbara Flick has an extensive background of service to people and animals. Barbara is active with the Nebraska Humane Society, pet rescue groups and as court appointed Guardian for Special Needs Adults. She is also an AKC Good Citizen evaluator.

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  • Veterinary Surgical Specialists of Nebraska

    Veterinary Surgical Specialists of Nebraska (VSSON) is a specialty practice providing advanced and complex surgical services to veterinary colleagues and their clients' pets. It is a mobile surgical service that comes to your veterinarian's practice to perform surgery. Your veterinarian and his/her staff are intimately involved in your loved one's treatment and they are an integral part of the surgical team that provides your pet's care. You do not have to leave the comfort of your veterinarian's facility and staff. Your pet's surgery is performed by a board certified veterinary surgeon.

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  • Lost Pet Professionals

    Private Investigator Karin TarQwyn and her team at Lost Pet Professionals is the most recognized missing dog experts in North America. Since 2005, she and her team have worked full time assisting pet owners in the location and recovery of their missing pets. Lost Pet Professionals focus is on missing and lost dogs with a particular interest in the process and techniques necessary for the recovery of missing dogs that maybe Shy, Timid, Aloof, Reserved or Skittish, (STARS). TarQwyn has pioneered the art and science of K9 Profiling and Aerial location which allows her  the opportunity to assist pet owners with strategies designed specifically for their missing pet. Lost Pet Professionals have appears regularly on TV shows and in the media.  and have been featured and filmed by CNN, Animal Planet, the Today show, People, PBS, Dog Fancy and over fifty TV shows and newscasts across the U.S.  TarQwyn appears as a subject matter expert on the Animal Planet web site..

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Pet Loss Resources

Losing a pet can be devastating, but you are not alone in your grief. The following online communities and resources can help you begin recovering from your loss.