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Adopted Cat

-Tamara Reed from West Richland, WA
Pet Name: Otis

Back in October 2008 my son, boyfriend and his daughter adopted a orange kitten from VCA. He was one of four brothers found in a box on hwy 395. His name VCA had given him was George. But since we had another full grown cat named George we renamed George to Otis. Otis has been a great pet. He has a great disposition. He hardly scratches anyone. If we ever are in the way at adopting again, we will look toward VCA. Thank You.

Knowledgeable and Sincerely Caring

-Mary from Benton City, WA
Pet Name: Haru

I came in with a kitten we adopted who had ear mites. My regular vet was closed. I was so impressed with the care they gave our little "cutey" kitten and me. They answered all my questions patiently and thoroughly; gave total concern for my kitten and gave a large quantity of their time in this exam. And.. I had just called them for this exam about one hour of their closing for the day and they fit me right in.. not even being a regular client of theirs... this was our very first visit. My kitten was given 'Revolution' medicine for the ear mites (topical liquid that also kills worms and fleas). The stuff really works! Very impressed by this clinic and all who work there. Thanks for making my life easier!!! Best care I've ever experienced for a pet, and I've been a dog and cat owner for over 30 years.

Above and Beyond

-Holly Espinosa from Richland, WA
Pet Name: Dennis

I was apprehensive about taking my rabbit to be neutered. I emailed the clinic and got a response almost immediately. I had a few questions which the vet answered. I was worried about my bunny's stress level so they let me hold him while he was waking up from the surgery. His recovery was slow so I brought him in on Saturaday, this was his vet's day off but she came in anyway. She took a work pager home with her that day so I could call her with any questions that I might have. From the beginning all the way till full recovery Richland Animal Medical Center has been amazing. I now have a healthier pet and am a happy owner. I couldn't be more pleased.

Helped my Big Boy's Ears

-Monica from West Richland, WA
Pet Name: America

I am a first time visitor and I have to say that I was very pleased with my entire experience. From the waiting room to the exit, everybody was polite and professional and actually NICE. They were gentle with my lab/shepherd mix and gave him treats for being good while they were doing the examination. Very decently priced and the staff made sure to talk to me about important health issues for dogs of my kind. Answered all my questions and the first time visitor coupon helped me out so much. I couldn't be more pleased. America and I will make this place our regular veterinarian. I thoroughly recommend them.