Jana Mazor-Thomas, DVM, Associate Veterinarian

DVM, Tufts University


From as early as she can remember, Jana has admired birds, particularly raptors, for their grace, their beauty, and their intelligence. As a teen, she nearly gave her driving instructor a heart attack by cheerfully pointing out a red-tailed hawk rather than attending to the road. Naturally, in veterinary school she chose to focus on wildlife and exotics, animals which are less common in the clinic and require specialized knowledge and care. She also obtained an MS degree, with research focusing on pain management in birds. Her interests include (of course!) exotics medicine and critical care, as well as behavior, pain management, and welfare in all companion animals. She also volunteers with several area shelters and teaches veterinary technician students at North Shore Community College. Outside of work, Jana loves hiking with her dog Hagrid, and watching her bunny Cinder race around the house like a fluffy little tornado. She also has a pet fancy pigeon (Cardinal Wolsey) and soon will have a flock of chickens as well. She enjoys gardening, sewing, and playing klezmer accordion and clarinet. She, her husband, and the menagerie live in Lynn, MA.