VCA Animal Medical Center Testimonials

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Mary Kate Baker

-Ashley Berthelsen from Marysville, WA
Pet Name: Squeakers

Mary Kate has been and continues to be the most effect individual I have ever had the pleasure of interacting with regardless of any business dealings I have had over the years. She knows what, where, why, before I request any assistance. Goes the extra mile as though that is the norm. I have needed USDA regulations for multiple international destinations with total follow-up with me.She should be recognized with a pay increase and notice to all within the organization and of course in her permanent file. She is without a doubt the reason for the Marysville success !

Above and beyond fantastic service

-Lizz Helle from Everett, WA
Pet Name: Snicklefritz

I was a little nervous when I first scheduled the appointment because the idea of a free exam for BOTH of my animals the same day they called me seemed a little to good to be true. The veterinary technicians were very kind and gentle with my cat and dog and talked to them to calm them down while examining them. The vet herself (Dr. Alina McClain) was very sweet to us and the animals and very knowledgeable. She explained all our options and gave a very thorough examination and made sure both my animals were healthy. We were even a couple dollars short and they waived it for us. The prices were very reasonable and with the free exam for first time patients they were great! My cat got a very unusual allergic reaction to the vaccine and they immediately had me bring him in and they gave him an allergy shot and fixed him up right away for free. I was more than impressed with the entire staff and facility and I will DEFINITELY be back!