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I won't take my cats anywhere else

-L.L. from Clifton Park, NY
Pet Name: Omelet and Waffles

When we adopted a Siamese kitten from a shelter, we had no idea what we were in for health-wise. Our poor cat developed upper respiratory infections every other week for nearly 6 months. Dr. Masters began researching Siamese illnesses, and suggested a procedure. Our cat coded on the table, but Dr. Masters was able to save her. Apparently, she had some rare bacterial infection in her lungs. After antibiotic treatment, Dr. Masters followed up with further testing which revealed that one of our cat's lungs had been severely scarred and she needed the original surgical procedure. Dr. Masters brought in a specialist and extra nurse (at no extra charge to us) during the procedure. She was able to clean out the lungs, re-inflate one, and diagnose Asthma (damage caused by the infection). We later found out that all of the staff there was checking in on our cat because they had grown to know her, and us. We began steroid treatments, but they weren't going well. Our cat was in and out of the emergency hospital. Again, Dr. Masters called in a specialist and researched on our behalf. She suggested inhaler therapy. Since we switched to the inhaler, our cat has been every bit as healthy as a normal cat! We went from bi-weekly visits to the vet and animal emergency rooms to once yearly healthy checkup visits. We are 100% convinced that Dr. Masters saved our cat's life! Everyone at the Animal Health Center is top notch, professional, and caring. We will never take our cats anywhere else.


-The Dodge Family from Waterford, NY
Pet Name: Marvin

Dr Masters and Staff,

Just want to thank you all so much for taking care of Marvin. He was very special to us and he is deeply missed. It is going to be very hard to get thru the holidays without him. We know deep down, that it was in his best interest to go to Heaven, You and your staff were wonderful with him and we so appreciate that.

When you came to our home to put him at peace, it helped us so much with Ed being sick for Marvin to be home. You all have a special place in our hearts. More vets should follow in your footsteps.

We tell everyone how compassionate and caring you all are at the Animal Health Center in Clifton Park. Thank you all and we hope that all of you and your families have a safe and Happy Holiday.

Love, The Dodge Family

Thank you

-Dodge Family from Waterford, NY
Pet Name: Marvin Dodge

Doctor Masters and Staff,
We would like to thank you and your staff for taking good care of Marvin. He was very special to us. You people were just fantastic with him and he enjoyed coming to see you all. We will always remember you all and keep you in our hearts. More vets should be like you, and walk in your foot steps. Marvin was so sick at only 5 years old and I known you did your best. You were very caring and thoughtful and will all ways be grateful for that.
I tell everyone how you all are there and tell them to bring their family members to you. Thank you so much!!!


-Anonymous from Waterford, NY
Pet Name: Cali

We cannot begin to tell you how wonderful the staff at this animal hospital was when we brought a dear dear cat into the hospital after going through the clothes dryer.......... Our cat was almost lifeless when she first was discovered in our dryer. We rushed it to the animal hospital and they took us right in before they were actually opened for the day. They cared for her as if she was their own dear friend and animal. So many of the staff were right there to console us while Dr. Germano was tending to our dear cats needs, which were many to even give her a chance at life again. We never thought she would come back home to us, but after 3 days of constant care day and night, getting various treatments to help her recover, she came home with us. However she still needed round the clock needs which we were more than happy to do if it meant having her with us for several more years. I am pleased to say Cali is doing very well. She is still the boss of the house and does as she wishes and demands when she wishes. But we would not have it any other way. Hopefully she will never jump in the dryer again, but we now know that it is one of her many hiding places, so we never leave the door open and we always even though the door is closed, look before we turn it on as I have no doubt she could probably figure how to open the door. She is our miracle cat. All ended well due to the kind, caring, concerned and educated staff at the Animal Health Center in Clifton Park, NY. When they say cats have nine lives I do believe that, but I think the day she went through the dryer probably took 5 of those nine lives.

Thank you

-NB from Ballston Lake, NY
Pet Name: Ryzhik and Sam

I am very thankful to all the doctors and entire staff at VCA hospital for taking great care of my cats. Everybody in this place is knowledgeable, caring and patient, even when my cats misbehave or won't cooperate. The doctors spent plenty of time with the cats, answer questions and provide reassurance, they follow up on visits and labs. When we needed more in depth testing, we were referred to a specialist. I have full confidence in both doctors and vet technicians, and supportive staff is very helpful. Even though I moved farther away from the hospital, I continue to bring my cats here because I am very happy with care and service.

The Only Vet I Use

-Trudy Menard from Albany, NY

I have been using this practice for many years. I cannot say enough wonderful things about the care my pets receive from the vets and staff here. Dr. Rachele Masters is wonderful and there are many very qualified and experienced vet techs as well. While I could not pick a favorite I really have enjoyed having Vicki as my tech for my pets. I have had surgeries, preventative care and emergency care at this vet and I would highly recommend this practice to anyone.