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Bailey's Rough Start

-Bailey Miles-Weitzel from Schaghticoke, NY
Pet Name: Bailey

I arrived at the animal health center a very sick LITTLE boy. I was only one pound at the time & I wasn't eating or drinking. I was not acting like my devil self so my mommy & daddy knew something was wrong. They took me to see Dr. Goldman and she ran test on me. It was confirmed that I tested positive for parvo. I had to stay & be put in isolation & have IV's to hydrate me & give me medicine. The Doctor and techs took VERY good care of me. Within a couple of days they had me feeling much better & I went home to get spoiled rotten. My mommy & daddy are as greatful as I am for all of the wonderful care I received. They are also greatful for the compassion they received during this stressful time.

We want to thank each and everyone of you for your compassion & professionalism throughout this time. I can not begin to tell you how much we appreciated it. Thanks for everything. Sue, Jim & Bailey Miles-Weitzel

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Such wonderful care

-Suzanne from Clifton Park, NY
Pet Name: Shelby and Gizmo

Dear Animal Center Staff,
I just want everyone to know what wonderful care you all took of my family while we lived in NY.

We have presented some interesting medical challenges with Tigger and Shelby both sick at the same time. And Gizmo and his allergies. It's always tough to diagnose what causes an allergy and you were so patient while we figured out the best treatment.

You took such good care of Tigger and were so understanding when the end came.

You were so caring when Shelby had Lyme disease and even called me several times over the holiday weekend to make sure that she was doing better and offering to see her even while you were closed.

We appreciate you all so much!

Gizmo and Shelby are so happy in their new home in CA but we miss you all so much.

Love, Suzanne, Shelby and Gizmo.

Personal Thank You

-Ju from Clifton Park, NY
Pet Name: Justice

Dear Dr. G & Staff,

We wanted to personally thank you for all of your care and attention you have provided Justice and helping us with him these past 3+ years. I will never ever forget how you all went out of your way when we brought our newborn home and Justice had to be admitted for surgery at your facility. The care and attention you provided him during that ordeal and the generosity you showed us, was truly a blessing.

From the surgery to managing Justice's epilepsy, Dr. G. you have truly been a God send. You have always been available for us, night and day, to answer any questions and provide wonderful advice and I will always be appreciative for that. We were blessed to have met you and we will always have a special place for you and your wonderful staff in our heart.

Your facility has been an extended family for Justice, from the people at the desk and behind the scenes, you ALL have showed just how much you genuinely have come to love our Justice as much as we have.

Thank you again for everything and we wish you continued success.


Ju, Amnat, Justice, & Jaelin

Thank you Dr. Germano

-Sneakers from Clifton Park, NY

I want to thank Dr. Germano and his Staff for the excellent care they gave me while I was a patient at the Animal Health Center. They kept my owners informed on my condition, twice a day - while they nursed me back to health. I am so glad to be feeling like my old self again and back at home where I belong. Thank you again for ALL your wonderful care.


-Charlene Donald from Ballston Lake, NY
Pet Name: Rio

I am very impressed with the Animal Health Center. When I brought my cat Rio in for her first exam, everyone was so friendly and professional. I liked that Rio's first exam was absolutely free. Then I met Dr Germano who clearly loves and cares about animals. That totally impressed me!

I also like that they are willing to match the price of any other drug company on medicine. Other things I like are the very convenient hours and the various specials that are offered on dental work, etc. After, I brought Rio home from dental surgery at the Animal Center, the staff called me daily to inquire about how Rio was feeling.

I am very happy with The Animal Health Center, and I would recommend them highly!

Thank You

-Lorry Glogowski from Clifton Park, NY
Pet Name: Casey

We just want to say "thank you" for taking care of Casey last weekend. She came home a very happy little girl. Although we do not often leave her for extended periods and feel guilty on those rare occasions when we do, we have no hesitation to leave her in your care. You all have been great! Again, thank you.

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Thank you from Boots

-Cassy Gelina from Stillwater, NY
Pet Name: Boots

I just want to say thank you to the staff especially Dr. Stephanie Smith, for saving the life of MY life, Boots. He was recently hit by a car and thanks to this amazing vet staff. they did a great job with everything and saved his life. Thank you again!! You guys were amazing!!!

Thank You for Everything

-Rita and Chris Rhodes from Clifton Park, NY
Pet Name: Barney

We just wanted to express our heartfelt thanks to the wonderful staff at the Animal Health Center, especially Dr. Stephanie Smith. For years we had been bringing our English Mastiff Barney in for his routine exams and wellness checks. Barney always seemed to enjoy going to the vet and was never scared, mostly in part to the excellent care and relationships he had formed with the staff. Dr. Smith was very instrumental in helping Barney through a very successful surgery to remove a mass from his neck as well as through some tough boughts of pneumonia. She always took the time to advise us on the best course of action to take and demonstrated an unwavering commitment to making sure Barney got well. Even during Barney's final moments, Dr. Smith displayed a great deal of compassion and sympathy which certainly helped to ease the blow of something so painful, like saying good-bye to your beloved four legged friend. Barney was 12 1/2 when he finally passed away which is pretty amazing for a large breed dog. We think this was due in part to the wonderful care that he received at the Animal Health Center. Thank you so much and when we are ready for another pet again we will surely be back!

Great Front Office Staff and Doctor Germano

-Dawn M. Brasch from Troy, NY
Pet Name: Smokie

I recently took on fostering a cutie, Smokie (AKA Winston to me:)) He is with Homeward Bound Dog Rescue. When I took him into my home, I had no idea the extent of his problems that range from a poor eye surgery to being fixed at the ripe age of 6. The amount of scratching he did on a daily basis raised concern. Upon the approval of the dog rescue organization, I brought Smokie in to see Doctor Germano. The front office staff could not have been any more attentive, they were/are caring people with a tremendous heart. Dr. Germano explained Smokie's condition and what he would recommend for the health and well-being of my furry friend. The time he spent with me made all the difference in the world because I know that he give my friend the care that he needs.

Thank you Dr. Germano and staff~you are making a tough choice to have to let my friend go to a forever home in the future a bit easier! I cannot thank you all enough.

Best regards,

Dawn M. Brasch

To The ENTIRE Staff at Animal Health Center

-Krista Mein from Clifton Park, NY

Where do I Start, I guess by stating the saying "The Third time is a charm" Indeed is true or in this case at least. I have been to two other animal hospitals before I decided to give Animal Health Center a try.. I have two dogs a 12 year old Shitzu and a 2 year old Shepard mix. I decided for their first visit I would take them each separately that way I could discuss the concerns I had for each of them..I started off by seeing Dr. Maters, she is absolutely wonderful!! She was very thorough, we decided to do basic blood work and preventive measures

for both Jake & Angel. Things were GREAT!! A few months later unexpectedly both Angel and Jake became ill... Both with different things... Angel suffering for Lyme has been under the care of mostly Dr. Maters and Jake (my baby boy) Has been dealing with some severe GI issues and has mainly been seen by Dr. Richard Germano BUT it has been a TEAM effort at Animal Health Center!! There is NOT one person there from the minute I walk in the door til the time I leave that has not had a huge part on how well they are both doing ESPECIALLY Jake. In health care (which I work in) re rely on our patients to tell us what their symptoms are, how they are feeling... With animals, they can not so as a owner its our job to be their advocate! When I arrived with Jake one Monday morning all I could tell the doctors was "he is not acting right"...Everyone got right on it! Jake had to be hospitalized a few times, this had me VERY worried, he has never been left alone...but this also made me realize and assure me that I was doing the right thing by them as their advocate & loving parent. Jake had to be on IV's around the clock and medication and small feedings given every couple of hours... This was mothers day weekend... Finding out that the technician's and Dr. Masters were coming in on their days off to make sure he had all that he needed and calling me with reports set my mind at ease... Then there is Dr. G!! I have never experienced nor heard of a doctor that has gone this ABOVE & BEYOND.. from contacting other doctors around this area, and out of state to researching exactly why this is going on with Jake to calling me asking for daily up dates its just amazing and beyond what I expected!! Not to mention that when we walk in the door everyone is rushing to see how my little guy is doing and I don't know who is more happy to see them Jake or I.. Its truly amazing the impact that Everyone at Animal Health Center has had on Jake, Angel and I. My "kids" are my life..and knowing that I can trust the care that they are getting from the minute I walk in the door til the time we leave means everything! I would never go anywhere else! There is NOT enough words that I could say to thank everyone there!! There is just so much appreciation for everything they have done and continue to do for both myself and them! A special Thank you to the Administrative Staff for running a Wonderful Facility filled with amazing people!