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Published: Dec 19, 2012

As a pet owner, you probably spend a lot of time tuned in to your dog, making sure he's not exhibiting any sign of pain in dogs and that he seems happy and comfortable. Your dog is likewise highly interested in what you do every day. Though your canine companion may not be able to vocalize what he learns about you through observation, his understanding of your emotions and personality may surprise you. Fox News recently took a look at some of the most interesting tidbits about dogs' understanding of their owners.

Dogs and emotions
Canines are highly sensitive creatures, and they're constantly trying to understand how you're feeling. Dogs are able to sense sadness, even if the person who is feeling down isn't their owner. Similarly, dogs can comprehend when you're angry, which is why it's important to use a stern, but not enraged tone when engaging in puppy training or discipline. Your dog will also likely mimic you when you demonstrate fear, according to the news source. For instance, if you back away from something you perceive to be frightening, your dog may imitate this action.

Dogs and personalities
Dogs can make assessments of certain personality traits, because they often watch how one human interacts with another, the news outlet reports. For instance, if your dog sees you frequently yelling at others, he may come to the conclusion that you are an inherently angry or frustrated person. Your dog may also be able to figure out if you're a trickster. According to the news source, in one study, dogs who witnessed other canines receiving treats, but didn't get any snacks themselves, were somewhat aware that they'd been cheated.

Giving back to your pet
Because your dog is so interested in you, it's essential that you give him the same amount of devotion and attention, especially when he's in need. This means bringing him to one of the nearby veterinarian hospitals for frequent checkups - monthly if he's a puppy and semi-annually if he's a middle-aged or older dog, according to VCA Animal Hospitals. Keeping an eye on your dog and noting any changes in his behavior is the best way to catch any illnesses or other health problems before they develop into something more serious.