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Just the best

-Sharon Lloyd from Carversville, PA
Pet Name: BenBun

This is the best and it keeps getting better. I've had pets cared for here since the founder opened it 30 years ago. Holistic care does so much more to protect pets and the options for treating disease are more comprehensive than allopathic care alone. Dr. Sharon Marx is superb and gives top flight care to my rabbits. She coaches clients in essentials of sound nutrition and preventive care and makes sure we understand our roles as proactively responsible clients and guardians. Not every clinic deserves to say they are capable of caring for rabbits, and precious few can do so with a whole view of health, but Animal Healing Center excels on both counts. Oh yeah, Dr. Marx loves the kits and doggies too! Care Credit welcomed here.

Wonderful place for your pets

-Linda T. from Hamilton, NJ
Pet Name: LD

I adore the Veterinarians in this practice and am so thankful for all they have done for my dog, rabbit and cat. I routinely see Dr. Marx and have seen Dr. Braz for an emergency. I like that they take a holistic approach to care and thus do not over or needlessly vaccinate or prescribe medicines when something natural and gentle with less or no side effects can be given and titers can be performed to measure antibodies. When medicine is needed it is given but all options are explored and tailored for the animal being treated. When my dog was first suspected to have a liver shunt I had taken him to a specialist center for evaluation, we were not using VCA Animal Healing Center at this time. The vet I was using and the specialist wanted to do surgery and a biopsy to conclude his condition. I couldn't believe this approach to care and took him to VCA Animal Healing Center for a second opinion. Dr. Marx had treated my rabbit for a chronic gastrointestinal problem and had improved the quality of her life tremendously and I felt confident she could do the same for my dog. It takes me about 45 minutes to get to VCA but the drive is well worth it. My dog's blood work has improved tremendously with natural supplements and changes to his diet. We monitor his condition with bi-annual visits, do the necessary lab work and at this time all is pretty good. I've seen many animals come to VCA Animal Healing Center that are old, have chronic conditions or are there for their wellness check ups and the one consistent thing I notice is the connection between animal and doctor/staff. The doctors and staff truly do care about their patients and connect with them and try their best to improve the quality of their lives. At times the office can get a little hectic/busy ... after all it is a healing center and not everything goes as planed but I've never found it horrible to wait. I've enjoyed conversations with other people who bring their animals in for care and even have learned some things. I am so happy with this practice that I wish I could be treated there too.