Dog Weight Management
Even one or two pounds can have a big effect on your dog's health. That's why it's so important to keep weight in check. Get the essentials about weight management here.

Dog Life Stages
If you’ve heard the old adage “dog years”, you know that our pets progress through life Stages far faster than we do. That’s why VCA emphasizes preventative health and wellness services to ensure your dog has the proper care at the proper stage of his life.

Dog Parasites
Did you know that no dog is safe from parasites? And that puppies and/or outdoor dogs are particularly at risk? Dogs can be infected by common parasites, such as worms, ticks, mites, and fleas. At VCA we can help protect your dog from parasites.

Dog Diabetes
Did you know that your dog could be genetically pre-disposed to canine diabetes? Get the facts and make an appointment to get him checked today.

Dog Breeds
You already know your dog is unique, whether by breed or just his great personality. However do you also know what health issues he may face through the years? Get the information and reach out to us with your questions - we are here to help!