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Prolotherapy Testimonial

Patient of the Month Dec-Jan 2013-14

This month, we are going to focus on Prolotherapy.  Prolotherapy is one of the holistic services we offer at the VCA Animal Healing Center.  Last month we discussed how holistic medicine treats the whole pet, and that is why we chose to utilize Prolotherapy on our patients that we see with torn ACLs.  This alternative treatment focuses on the whole pet, because it avoids major surgery, and is performed without any incisions!

So, what is Prolotherapy?  Prolotherapy is proliferative therapy, which is an injection that can repair injured connective tissue.  It stimulates mild inflammation, which attracts growth factors in the area.  This results in ligaments that are 30-40% stronger.  This solution of dextrose, which stimulates mild inflammation; procaine, a local anesthetic; vitamin B-12, for pain; bicarb, to take the sting out; and Traumeel, a homeopathic for pain that aids in healing, is injected into the knee joint and surrounding ligaments with a small gauge needle.

This relatively short procedure is performed in the office, and can be on your first visit!  Depending on the pet, we can do the injection without sedation; however we prefer to use sedation at least the first time to get radiographs to evaluate the injured ligaments.  Since we are rebuilding the ligament, the average number of treatments required on the knee is 3-6, spaced out by around 2-4 weeks between each one.

Since our goal is to repair the knee, and minimize arthritis, we also use homeopathics, herbs, and acupuncture to assist in the overall healing process.  As always, there is some homework for the owners including: herbals and homeopathics, weight management, strengthening exercises, and a complete, balanced diet.

This month, we chose Foxey Kucipak-Grantland to be our patient of the month.  Below is the testimonial Please not hesitate to contact the office, we are here to answer any concerns and questions you may have!

Here is what Foxey’s owner had to say.

About a year after we adopted Foxey she started limping.  It wasn't too bad at first, but quickly progressed.  She wouldn't even put her back leg down.  I brought her to her local vet and he sent us to an orthopedic doctor.  He told us Fox would need surgery on both of her knees. It was going to be around $6000 per knee and the recovery was going to take months.  She would have to be kept in a crate and walked on a leash the whole time. 

Foxey is super loving and very energetic and that kind of down time was not going to work.  I heard about prolotherapy and decided to give it a try.  After three treatments, Foxey's limp was completely gone and has not returned and she is just as crazy as she was before.  She runs all over the yard and plays with the other dogs and jumps on and off the bed like nothing was ever wrong.  I am so grateful for the Animal Healing Center and Dr. Marx.  It's truly a blessing to have people that care that much.

-Holly Kucipak-Grantland



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