Pet of the Month

March's Pet of the Month - Whiskers!

On February 26 2012, I adopted my cute little hamster, Whiskers. He has been to VCA to see Doctor Marx, not one, not two but five times. It all started in August of 2012 when he had mites. The journey only begins from here. He was fine for the rest of the year, as well as 2013 and most of 2014. But one day, Whiskers got very sick and decided to stop eating which forced him to lose a lot of energy. Right then and there, I knew my little friend wasn't going to make it without the help of Dr. Marx. We took him to the vet, where he was given Oxbow critical care, and sugar water. This saved his life. I couldn't thank Dr. Marx or anyone else at VCA enough for all their help.

After this tragic incident, all was well with Whiskers for about a month. Then I noticed that his teeth were overgrown and were poking his mouth a little bit. I took him into VCA and Dr. Marx clipped his teeth. Not only was I happy with this, but I could tell Whiskers was feeling much better. From mites to teeth, to sprained legs, to infections, Dr. Marx and the VCA staff team have solved it all!
Thankfully Whiskers is happy and healthy as of now. In fact, he is sitting on my shoulder as I type this article! Dr. Marx has been and will continue to be an amazing veterinarian for Whiskers!

Thanks for reading, Robby and Whiskers :)