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Fur Babies

-Alanna and Jean from Bloomington, MN
Pet Name: Jamie and Poppy

We've taken our cats and dogs to VCA since 1994, and will continue to bring our "fur babies" there even though we live in west Bloomington and there are two vet clinics just down the street. VCA feels like a small-town doctor's office, where we know many of the staff, and they've been with us for the life cycles of several pets. We have had everything from playful visits to bring new puppies to meet everyone in the office, all the way to assisting us through that painful "final visit", with the staff always providing sensitive and knowledgeable care at all points in between. One of our favorite pet stories comes from an early visit with our sturdy cat, Claire. We asked Dr. Ralph if we should be concerned about her weight, and he looked at us seriously and said, "Well, you're not going to race her, are you?" All the staff have good senses of perspective and humor, demonstrating at every visit how much they care for animals and the people who love them.

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-Valery Strobel from Bloomington, MN
Pet Name: Buster

I have been a client of VCA in Richfield Minnesota for almost 8 years. I truly can't say enough of the staff. They helped me through many rough times with my first dog "Jake" which he is in doggy heaven now that bladder cancer finally took over his life in 2005. I also have a cat, "Patches" that has had many behavior issues. This past year I finally got another beagle, "Buster" who I came to find out has some heart problems. The vet I work with is Dr. Josephs and my goodness in my world she is a blessing! She always has talked me through things, always returned my calls, took the time to listen to everything I had to say, even when some things weren't related directly to my pets, I don't feel you could ask for any better. I also work with Dr. Ralph now that my puppy has a heart condition and he's had a few echocardiograms taken of his heart and Dr. Ralph not knowing me as well as the others has calmed my anxiety with talking me through things step by step and giving the reassurance that I need. All the staff is very knowledgeable, but if they aren't sure of something they will find the answer for you. They are a very dedicated team and from what I've seen they all work very well together. I haven't seen any new faces for a very long time so I feel like it was there calling to do this work at least that's what I can say every time I walk in there door or make that call to them. God bless them all for always taking care not only my pets but me as well!

Thanks to VCA in Richfield

-Susan Rosenberg from Richfield,, MN
Pet Name: Louie

I am so grateful to the staff of the VCA Animal Care Hospital in Richfield, MN because of their kindness and care they gave me during the illness of my beloved cat, Louie. The doctor was especially kind and thoughtful during the ordeal of Louie's illness and she was so kind at the end of Louie's life when we had to make the ultimate decision. I can't believe he is gone but the kindness of the VCA staff went a long way in helping me through the experience.

Great experience

-Jane from Richfield, MN
Pet Name: Rooby

I had a great experience with Dr Lindquist and our dog Rooby. Dr Lindquist was exceptionally knowledgeable about treatments for Rooby's condition and we had a long talk about additional behavioral modifications to help with her anxious behavior. I really appreciate all the insight Lindquist puts into calibrating the interaction between pet and owner and the adjustments that can be made with consistency and treats. I am noticing that Rooby is happier already and her appointment was just a couple of days ago. Thank you so much Dr Lindquist.