VCA Charities Challange

Jordan is 7 years old and loves animals, especially her 6 cats (Tinky, Izzy, Spud, Milo, Blink, Peanut) and dog (Tate).  She believes in saving pet's lives and wants to work in the animal field when she grows up.  Jordan, according to her parents, participates in about a dozen fund raisers each year, which is remarkable for a 7 year old child.  As soon as Jordan found out about VCA Charities, she immediately decorated a fund raising box and began her mission of saving animal's lives.  Just in the first two weeks of Jordan's efforts she has raised almost $40 for VCA Charities.  She has said, "Raising money for VCA Charities is my mission for the year!  I think I can raise a million bucks!"  Jordan carries her fund raising box with her everywhere she goes and does not hesitate to ask for donations from family, friends, and teachers.

Jordan would like to challange all the pet and animal lovers out there to raise money for this great cause.  Jordan states, "If I can do it at 7 years old, why can't everyone?". 

If you would like to know more about VCA Charities click the link below or just call VCA Animal Care Center at 757-423-3900.