Colonial Heights Pet Grooming & Boarding

  • Kennel Assistant

    Chelsie Holmes

    Chelsie joined VCA ACA in November of 2013 and is in her junior year of high school here in Colonial Heights.  She has adjusted well to the working world and is excelling in the care of our animals here.  When she is not in school or working, Chelsie enjoys photography and culinary arts as well as listening to music and excercising.  She absolutely adores her family and chilling with her fiesty pomeranian, Ashley. 

    "I love working with animals.  They are always fun to be around.  I enjoy walking dogs and playing with them.  I am a very caring person and I am a person that likes to help.  I don't only enjoy helping the animals, I also enjoy helping my fellow employees.  I am a very hard working person and always get the job done.  I have a dog and she truly is my best friend.  I do about everything with her.  She is my right arm.  I grew up with all kinds of animals, and I have cared for all kinds of animals.  I believe I have a true connection when it comes to animals.  I am truly an animal person.  Animals are the center of our lives and I am here to take care of them when you have to be away, just as I hope you would if you were looking after my dog."

  • Groomer

    Michelle Holmes

    Michelle is our professional groomer here at VCA ACA.  She has been here for over 20 years and makes sure that your furry friends always look their best!  Michelle has 6 dogs: Ashley, Ty, Pokie, Sarah, Barron, and Hope.  Michelle has completed 2 1/2 years at Richard Bland College and in her spare time, she enjoys reading, watching movies, taking pictures and working outside. 

    "I have been grooming since 1990 and I could not imagine doing anything else.  The dogs I groom and the clients they belong to are why I come to work every day.  I love animals, always have.  I love to make them look beautiful."