VCA Angel Animal Hospital Testimonials

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Thanks VCA Angel Animal Hospital

-Woody Daniels from North Park, CA
Pet Name: Buddy and Toby

I have been coming to VCA Angel Animal Hospital since 1994 (before it was "VCA"). Diane Defenbaugh "Dr. D", Caroline, Debbie, Daniel, Charlene, Katy & Ana: all helped "raise" my wonderful Yellow Labrador Retriever, "Buddy" from 5 1/2 weeks to 14 1/2 years. Everything from "puppyhood" to "advanced senior". A true testament to the care given to an 85 pound lab to live such a long and healthy life. Dr. "D" & "family" were always there for both Buddy and me. No matter what-right to the end. Such a magificent place.

My newly adopted yellow lab "Toby" is quickly learning how lucky he is to be cared for by such special people. I can't imagine going anywhere else or having anyone else care for my "best friend"

We could not be happier!

-Lisa Van Gorp from San Diego, CA
Pet Name: Smoky and Fedide

We could not be happier with the service that we have received at VCA for our 2 cats. The staff are compassionate and really do care for the needs of the pets and their owners. The prices they charge are very reasonable and there is no high pressure to add on unnecessary services to pad the bill. VCA is a great value and I highly recommend.