Physical Rehabilitation

The physical touch of advanced medicine!

Just like humans, pets can be injured or develop illnesses or conditions that can benefit tremendously from physical rehabilitation.  Our specialized staff has the advanced equipment, the dedication, the expert knowledge and the magic touch that will have your pet feeling better than ever.

Physical rehabilitation therapy accomplishes several things:
• Speeds up post-op recovery
• Reduces pain, inflammation and discomfort
• Slows muscle loss, rebuilds muscle mass
• Improves joint range of motion and joint health to increase functionality
• Increases strength, endurance, balance and coordination
• Improves quality of life
• Decreases the need for the long term, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
• Improves circulation to accelerate healing
• Most importantly, by giving your pet the greatest opportunity for true recovery

Conditions that benefit from rehabilitation and physical therapy:
• Arthritis and degenerative joint disease
• Paralysis and neurological disorders
• Post-surgical recovery
• Degenerative myelopathy
• Rear limb weakness
• Invertebral disease
• Hip and elbow displaysia
• Traumatic injury
• Weight loss
• Sports injuries
• Peal performance conditioning

Services offered but not limited to: Hydrotherapy, Pulse Signal Therapy, Laser Therapy
Our services are not a “one size fits all.” Dr. Matt Lane, a veterinarian and certified canine rehabilitation therapist, will meet with owners and pets to review medical history and conduct a full hands-on assessment. Based on findings, individual goals are set, and treatment recommendations are tailored specifically for the unique needs of each pet.

 Call us to set up an initial consultation for your pet with Dr. Lane. Also, feel free to contact Dr. Lane directly if you have specific concerns regarding the modalities we offer and the ways in which they can benefit your pet.