VCA Anderson Animal Hospital Testimonials

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VCA Anderson is our Choice

-Art and Rosemary Beck from Lakewood, CO

Our animals have been cared for by VCA Anderson Animal Hospital for over 30 years. We have always been pleased and impressed with the veterinarians' excellent, prompt, caring service. At one point, one of our cats had to be referred to a cardiologist for another opinion. The cardiologist said the medical notes were detailed and extensive and was impressed himself. We would recommend this hospital and all the veterinarians to anyone needing care for their animals. You could not find finer care.


-Alice Lykins from Denver, CO

I have been using the services of VCA Anderson for many years. The staff has always been professional, while showing kindness in the care of my pets. I can't imagine having anyone else care for my furry and feathered family members. I'm grateful for the relationship that has developed with these people over the past years. Would I recommend them? You bet!

VCA Anderson is the best

-lori and bob peeples from edgewater, CO

we have been been clients for over 14yrs. Always received the best care, service and support from everyone there. They not only take care of our pets when sick, but have taught us so much over the years on how to keep them healthy as possible.They are always there for us, through the fun times and sad times with our pets. we would not take our babies anywhere else.

The best things that ever happened to me

-MaryJoel from Lakewood, CO

The first best thing that ever happened in my adult life was adopting two wonderful tabbies from the Cat Care Society in Lakewood. The next best thing was being referred to VCA Animal Hospital for their care. Jake and Sarah were very special furry children and they gave me years of joy. Unfortunately, they have both gone to the Rainbow Bridge. But I now have a yellow tabby (Willy) affectionately known as El Diablo, who receives the same loving care as my very precious Jake and Sarah. I would never go anywheere else for vet care. VCA Anderson is the best >^,,^< Thank you to the entire staff, especially Dr. Lutz.

Best, Most Compassionate Vets and Staff Ever

-Abby Wright from Brighton, CO
Pet Name: Francis, Britney

I have been to many vet clinics in the Brighton area where I live, but I will travel the 45 minutes from Brighton whenever I need to have my rats, dog, or cat looked at for these reasons:

1.) VCA has the highest quality of care of any vet clinic I've been to. I always see Dr. Norton. She has saved my rats' lives a few times and was honest with me when I asked her if I should put one to sleep. She is always very humane and compassionate with my animals, and I have seen ALL my animals mistreated at other vet clinics in the past -- and these clinics usually charge hundreds of dollars for this low-quality care. Dr. Norton also is very knowledgeable and will find what's wrong with your pet but will not do unnecessary tests that will cost you lots of money. She has excellent judgment and will always be honest with you, and she has a friendly and fun personality and the most genuine compassion I have ever seen. She is an angel as far as I'm concerned.

2.) In fact, all the staff is always very friendly. They usually offer to get you hot tea or some other drink while you are waiting for the vet. You can also tell that they love animals and truly care about them.

3.) The clinic does not charge outrageous amounts because they truly care about the animals, NOT about taking your money and ripping you off.

4.) This vet clinic is open on evenings and Saturdays when other vet clinics are closed, and they are flexible with when you can get an appointment; often times I make my appointment on the day that I schedule for it.

5.) The clinic is always clean, and my animals always come back clean and as healthy as they can be.

If you want high-quality care for your animals, especially for your rodents (because good rodent vets are hard to find) I can't stress enough that this is the place to go.


-Beth from Denver, CO

I have been taking my kitten to VCA since she was 8 weeks, she is only 9 months now, but I recently took in a stray who is 8 years old. Dr. Edwards has been unbelievably patient with all my phone calls regarding behavior issues that have arisen with the new cat! Would not take either of them anywhere else for their needs.

Their Hearts Rule

-Tracy King from Edgewater, CO
Pet Name: Sammy

I have three dogs and one bird. All of my pets have at one time or another needed the services of VCA Anderson Animal Hospital. In my opinion, VCA's strengths are their hands on one-on-one approach to caring for pets in all situations and especially in emergency situations. The staff at VCA is the most personable and friendly of all vets I have visited. I attribute VCA to saving my male boxer, Sammy's life four years ago. I brought Sammy in on a Monday morning because he was dying from an upper respiratory illness. Everyone pitched in to help Sammy survive. They even gave me training on how to take care of Sammy and showed me how to apply the treatments. They did this because they truly cared about his well-being. It's more than just a job to them. Sammy is now a thriving four-year-old who I could not imagine living without. VCA is also the only vet I choose to use for treating my cockatiel, Charlie. Dr. Edwards has treated Charlie since February of 2000. Thanks to Dr. Edward's avian skills, Charlie is living a long and happy life. He turns 28 years old this September! I go out of my way to bring my pets to VCA. They will go the extra mile!

Wonderful and caring staff and doctors

-KIrsten from Bennett, CO
Pet Name: Heartsong

I've been looking for an Avian vet for quite some time now that I've got an older cockatiel, and came across Dr. Edwards at VCA Anderson by word of mouth through Alameda East, and I couldn't be happier! Not only was my bird's name up on the dry erase board for that day, but Dr. Edwards handled my anti-social cockatiel expertly and made him (and myself) feel comfortable. She gave me GREAT advice about vitamins as well as prescriptions that have made him more spry and spunkier than he's ever been :) Thank you, Dr. Edwards and the VCA Anderson staff for truly caring!

Pet Image

The Best Care For My Little One

-Alicia from Lakewood, CO
Pet Name: Paris France

When I adopted my baby girl, I initially went to another vet. Although they were a good clinic, there was something missing. Then I learned that Dr. Edwards worked with her at Table Mountain Shelter and was referred to her practice. I knew when we first walked in that this place was special. Everyone is so kind and loving to Paris France and I couldn't think of a better place to take her when she's not feeling well or needs a routine appointment. Dr. Lutz has been her primary care provider, for most of her time with me, and I trust, implicitly, the care she has given and will continue to give my sweet p. My baby girl is going through a tough time, right now, but I know she couldn't be in better hands. They give her the love and attention I give, when I can't be there. I love you all!