VCA Alpine Animal Hospital Testimonials

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VCA Alpine Is The Best

-Bonnie Anderson from Issaquah, WA
Pet Name: Edith Anne, Amber and Gem

I have been a client of Alpine Animal Hospital for over 20 years. In that time, I have trusted and relied upon their knowledge, professionalism, and kindness in caring for my many companion animals. My pets have enjoyed long, happy and healthy lives because of the care that Alpine has given them.

I cannot thank them enough, especially Dr. Terry and Dr. Van.

Pet Image

Thank you

-Samantha, Steve, Gucio from Renton, WA

I am not a client at Alpine, but recently I had to bring my puppy to their emergency. They did everything they could and had him for 24 hours until he was able to come home. I just wanted to say thank you to all the staff for everything they did to get my little guy back to his old crazy self. Without the staff I don't believe my puppy would be waiting for me to come home every day. My puppy is like my child, and never during our visit did I feel likewise.Thank you again for all your hard work! Samantha, Steve and Gucio


-Judy and Lily from Bellevue, WA
Pet Name: Lily

My cat I adopted from Humane Society was neglected and had her leg amputated. She was constipated pretty badly. Dr. Van, Ashley, and the front desk staff were very caring and supportive. Dr. Van and Ashley were trying everything and hopefully we have made some progress trying different meds and food. Thank you, seems so simple because Lily is happy and finally bonded to us. Thank you very much, from the bottom of my heart and Lily's feline heart!

thank you

-monica johnson from issaquah, WA
Pet Name: fylene

"thank you" is not enough to express our appreciation of the compassion and kindness shown to us and our beloved dog Fylene, by Dr Carrie Webb. we will forever be grateful for her guidance and care, and for letting us give Fylene the peace in her death that she so very much deserved. Dr Webb will forever be in our hearts.

Grateful AGAIN

-Judy from Bellevue, WA
Pet Name: Liliy

Lily was having some issues for a week urinating where she was not suppose to. Of course, it was late Friday and on Saturday, Camille and Charlene at the front desk was so supportive. Even though Lily's favorite vet, Dr. Van was not there we were able to meet Dr. Holmchick. She was so supportive and made Lily and I know we were in great hands! Lily was able to see her favorite assistant, Ashley!!!!! I know she was at ease and again in great hands! You all are great and much Mahalo and lots of Aloha! GO COUGS!
Judy &Lily

Caring at a difficult time

-A Family from Bellingham, WA
Pet Name: Bo

We were visiting in Snoqualmie when it became very obvious our older dog was in serious distress. He already had an existing illness that we knew would take him from us in the very near future. My sister contacted VCA Alpine and they had us come in immediately. He was cared for immediately on arrival and we were given his diagnosis within about 10 minutes and the choices we had. Sadly it was determined it was best for him to be put to rest. The staff was incredibly compassionate and gentle with him and our family. While no less difficult for us to lose our beloved dog, they helped us work through his last minutes. They have since sent us a lovely card with kind words. We genuinely appreciate the care the gave Bo and the kindness extended to our family.