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Published: May 13, 2011

Sometimes cat owners like to spoil their kitties with treats and even table scraps. However, what these owners may not know is that some food may negatively impact pet health, according to the West Hartford News.

A recent survey conducted by 9Lives found that almost 50 percent of feline owners give their cats little bits of human food. Unfortunately, this could be determinantal to their heath, the news source reports.

In addition, certain foods can be poisonous for cats, including avocados, raisins and onions, according to the media outlet.

Even though dogs can eat many of the same foods that humans eat, sometimes individuals do not want their pooch begging for a morsel of food next to the dining room table. According to ASPCA, there a couple of ways to prevent or stop this from happening.

If you don't want the habit to start, it is advisable to put a baby gate up and confine your pooch to a room or area in your home during mealtimes. Also, you can train your dog to stay in their spot, whether it be a mat or his or her bed, so that you can eat your food without your pup drooling next to you.