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Published: Dec 21, 2011

VCA Animal Hospitals reports approximately 1 in 3 dogs or cats will need to visit a veterinarian clinic annually because of illness or accidents. As this is in addition to routine health care—like dog vaccinations—pet insurance is becoming all the more necessary.

Aside from the shock and concern owners face when dealing with a sick cat or dog, another unpleasant surprise is often the cost for such treatments. According to VCA, opting for pet insurance helps alleviate the stress owners can be faced with when deciding whether or not to go forward with a costly treatment.  Having insurance allows an owner a peace of mind and lets them focus on their animal's condition rather than money in an emergency situation. Aside from emergencies, pet insurance can also help offset the cost of routine health care.   

VCA reports most major insurance companies now offer plans for pets.  Inquire if your company offers it as an employee benefit.  There are also specific companies that solely sell pet insurance. Your veterinarian can help you with the right plan for your pet’s needs.