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Published: Mar 12, 2012

If your dog develops an eye infection or problem of any kind, your veterinarian may prescribe eye drops to help treat the issue. Applying eye drops to dogs correctly is important, but may be difficult if the animal doesn't cooperate.

VCA Animal Hospitals recommends that all pet owners wash their hands thoroughly before and after administering the eye drops. Failure to do so could result in spreading the infection or getting harmful particles in the dog's eye. It's also a good idea to gently wash the dogs eye area with a damp cloth before administering the drops.

It's likely that you'll need a friend to hold the dog while you apply the eye drops, as the dog will not know what you're doing and may try to get free. A muzzle may also be necessary if your dog is frightened and attempts to bite.

Hold the bottle upside down using one hand, being careful not to let the applicator touch the dog's eye. Rest this hand on top of the dog's head for stability, then use your other thumb to pull down on the dog's lower eyelid. Slowly and evenly administer the prescribed amount of drops. It is common for the dog to blink or try to paw at the eye after this is done, however, you should prevent your dog from rubbing their eye with their paw to prevent further injury.  If it seems like the drops are very bothersome, you should contact your vet.