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Published: Aug 29, 2011

For many pet owners, bonding with their four-legged friend can be both soothing and fulfilling as most dogs understand the relationship and embrace it with kisses and excitement.

While taking a dog for a walk, playing with it in the backyard and feeding it all-natural dog food is great for overall pet health, some pet owners are trying a new method of connecting by way of dog yoga, often referred to as "doga."

"I consider it partner yoga," Suzi Teitelman, a Florida-based instructor who's been teaching the combined classes since 2002, told Reuters. "When you feel good, they feel good," she said. "They want to be around your goodness."

During the classes, owners can help stretch their dogs as they stretch themselves which deepens their bond and brings the animals into a relaxed state.

There are skeptics out there like Dr. Robin Brennen, a NYC veterinarian, who dismissed the idea that a room full of dogs could be quiet and calm. That is, until she attended a class at the Bideawee animal shelter.

"I witnessed the demeanor of the animals changing during the class," Brennen told the news outlet. "They'll come in barking, seven, eight, nine dogs in room, but by the end of the session, they're sleeping. They're in savasana [the final resting pose]."

While this can be relaxing, it's not the most beneficial for dog weight loss, so make sure to take a dog on a walk between a half hour and an hour daily to help it maintain a healthy lifestyle, according to VCA hospitals.