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Published: Sep 14, 2012

While most pet owners know that many human foods can be dangerous for your pet to eat, a new report finds some animals in Arizona are getting sick from eating wild mushrooms.

The Associated Press reports that three Flagstaff, Arizona, area veterinary hospitals are reporting an increase in cases of mushroom poisoning in dogs.

A local vet who has treated pets who ingested toxic mushrooms says clinical signs of poisoning include vomiting and diarrhea. However, more serious side effects such as seizures, lethargy, jaundice and slow heart rate, as well as death, are possible.

In fact, the Monterey Herald reports that mushroom poisoning may be more common that many dog lovers realize. Vets say the problem is that it's often hard to diagnose because owners don't see their dog eating the mushrooms.

Officials say pet owners should remove any wild mushrooms from their yards in order to lower the chances of their dogs ingesting them. However, it's important to dig the fungi up without mushing them, as that can spread the spores that will grow more mushrooms. You should also take note of wild mushrooms while walking with or hiking with your dog.

In addition to wild mushrooms, other foods that are dangerous for your dog to eat include avocado, chocolate, caffeine, onion, garlic, grapes, raisins, macadamia nuts, chives, salt, nutmeg, dairy products, alcohol and baked goods.