Make the love last!

Healthy-weight cats and dogs can live up to
2.5 years longer1 than overweight pets, and are at less risk for disease.

The VCA Big Pet Project

At VCA Animal Hospitals we want to work with you to help your pets maintain a healthy weight, so they can live a long and happy life with you!

Being overweight can be very dangerous for our pets - even a few extra pounds can potentially shorten their lifespan. Pet Obesity has become a national epidemic for our cats and dogs, and we’ve decided to help do something about it with our pet weight loss initiative called the
Big Pet Project.

It’s a national program created to give pet owners the information and resources needed to help their overweight or obese cats and dogs lose weight and shape up for healthier lives!
Visit our hospital for an evaluation, and if it looks like your pet might need to lose a few pounds, we’ll discuss the steps you can take and provide the tools you need for successful pet weight loss. And we’ll be there every step of the way offering support and encouragement!

Get ongoing support to ensure your pet’s success:

  • Tips on proper pet nutrition
  • Ideas to get your pet exercising
  • Tools to help you track your pet’s weight
  • Support from other cat and dog owners
    via your favorite social media
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1. “Obesity Facts & Risks” Association for Pet Obesity Prevention
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