Client Services

  • Client Service

    Karen M.

    Karen has been a constant at our front desk since 2001.  She was born in Connecticut, lived in Maine and Hong Kong before moving to California in 7th grade.  Her animal pack at home consists of her dogs:  Rilie, Tilli, and Talli, her granddogs:  Brewsky, Miley and Jaxon, and her bird C.J.  Outside of work she love sewing, knitting, art, painting and decorating.  She loves working at VCA because she likes the great caring people.  Helping clients and their furrbabies makes her happy.

  • Client Service

    Danielle T.

    Danielle started at VCA in April of 2014.  After a couple years of college she decided to make the jump to the veterinary world and follow her love of animals.  She enjoys reading, biking, hiking, and cooking.  When she is not at work you can find her curled up with a history book and her cat, Pepper.  She loves knowing that she is helping animals and their owners live long, happy lives together.

  • Client Service

    Malinda V.

    Malinda has been with VCA Almaden Valley since 2007. Malinda was an overseas Army Veteran and served in Germany from 2001 to 2005. She started working here because of her passion for animals and now has a household full of them!

    Malinda is currently our surgical coordinator and pharmacist.

  • Receptionist

    Linda H.

    Linda is a staple of this hospital.  She has been with Almaden Valley since 1986.  Her love of animals kept her here through the years and now our clients love to see her face behind the counter.  You can bet she knows everyone by their first names and could tell you exactly what they need.  She loves to garden, spend time with her family and would love to retire to Hawaii.

  • Receptionist

    Robin M.

    Robin has been with VCA Almaden Valley since 1993.  She loves seeing all of the pets that come through our door, and she will greet everyone by name!  Our clients love to see her familiar face behind the counter.  Other than work, she enjoys doing massage therapy and spending time with her kitties at home.

  • Receptionist

    Emily O.

    Emily started at VCA in August of 2013 at the front desk.  While not at work, you can find her attending classes at DeAnza College and spending time with her kitty, Mr. Finn.  She was born in San Jose and enjoys drawing, hiking and psychology.  She loves talking to the clients at the front desk and listening to all of the stories they have about their pets. 

  • Receptionist

    Kelly O.

    Kelly started at VCA in April 2010.  She is currently attending college taking Pre Veterinary classes.  Born and raised in San Jose, California, she enjoys motocross, football, wildlife and hiking/backpacking.  Her dogs, Peaches and Evie, take up her time at home after classes and work.  She loves working in the animal field because she knows that she is helping the clients give their pets the best care possible.

  • Receptionist

    Valerie V.

    Valerie has been working at VCA Almaden Valley since 2012.  She is currently attending college to become an EMT/Paramedic.  When she started here she adopted an orange tabby named Gremlin from one of our litters of kittens that needed homes and then recently adopted Peter Parker (seen in picture) from us as well.  The other animal members of her family include Dutchess (a 16 year old Beagle), and CJ (a 9 year old Shih Tzu).  Her future goals are to work as a trained veterinary technician as well as continuing her work training as an EMT/Paramedic.