Allenwood Animal Hospital Testimonials

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Highly Recommend

-Susan Tylka from Allenwood, NJ

For the past 20 years I have made many visits to Allenwood Animal Hospital. Over the course of those years have recommended a number of people to Allenwood. All have been so appreciative for the accomplished and understanding staff and for the professional and sympathetic care the animals have been given.

The desk staff, doctors and technicians always make me feel that my pet is their absolute favorite. The wonderful thing is that everyone walking in the door is also made to feel his or her pet is the favorite, and this is as it should be.

Not only are the animals treated in the best way medically but the client is cared for as well, leaving the office feeling assured and confident that their beloved is soon to back on the road to good health.

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It's like visiting family

-Linda Hall from Neptune, NJ
Pet Name: Oscar

It's like visiting family. You can always count on the VCA staff to be there for you during extremely happy or deeply sad moments. They not only provide the best health care for our beloved pets, but they do so in a loving way that makes everyone feel at home. We consider ourselves lucky to have VCA staff in our lives! Every staff member at VCA goes out of their way to make our pets feel at home. They always make sure to conduct all the diagnostic tests needed to identify specific health problems and then take immediate action to begin the healing process.

When I walk into the reception area at VCA in Allenwood, NJ, I feel very secure that my beloved pets will receive the best medical attention possible. Not only will they be cared for with the latest technology available, but they will also receive lots of love from the great staff there. Keep up the good work! Thanks for being there for us and our beloved pets!

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-Clea from Brielle, NJ
Pet Name: Clea

Clea came to us eight years ago as a birthday present for my son. From the moment we got her, she has brought joy to our lives. When I found the lump on her chest, I knew that it wasn't an "ordinary" one and needed to be looked at by Dr. Cianci. Unfortunately, like many others right now, I am without a job and knew that any medical treatment or operation that Clea might require was out of my reach financially. Fortunately, Tracey Roth, Allenwood Animal Hospital's Manager and Dr. Cianci came up with the idea of applying for a medical grant provided by American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA). They did all the paperwork and within hours, I had a way to save my beloved Clea. Thanks to their quick thinking and sincere love of animals, a win-win solution was found to assist me with the financial stumbling block that many pet owners are now facing.
It's so wonderful to know that the veterinarian and staff that we've chosen to care for our pets will go the extra mile for their four-legged patients.

Andie Donohue

My Three Dogs and Allenwood Animal Hospital

-Cassandra Mueller from Sea Girt, NJ
Pet Name: Blue, Lili, and Molly

I have three dogs, ages ten, thirteen, and fifteen years old, so I have been bringing my pets to Allenwood Animal Hospital for many years. Dr. Kirsten Cianci has been their primary veterinarian, and I know that I am not alone when I say that Dr. Cianci is a very skilled, compassionate veterinarian, and an absolute pleasure to deal with. She and the Allenwood staff have always been exemplary in their treatment of my pets, and are very considerate of their comfort and needs as they get older, whether the visit is for something as routine as a nail trimming or a more serious health issue. For instance, my basset Blue despises having her nails done, but Dr. Cianci and her assistants do everything in their power to make it less stressful for her. Dr. Cianci even howls in harmony with Blue while she does the trimming! Who knew Dr. C. could sing on top of all her other talents! From the reception staff who greet you when you walk in, to all the wonderful doctors and assisting staff members, I can truly say that everyone and everything about Allenwood Animal Hospital is top notch and a perfect environment for your pet's care.

Love them

-Lindsay Jones from Brick, NJ
Pet Name: Penny

Last night I noticed my small Shih Tzu Penny was not acting herself. She is usually always happy-go-lucky, cuddly and fun but she was extremely lethargic, shaking and barely able to move. After she wouldn't eat a cookie I gave her I knew something was really off so I called AAH at 758 pm. They close at 8. After explaining what Penny's symptoms were they graciously told me to come in so they could check her out...after hours. It is not very often that people take the time, especially at the end of the day when they want to get home, to help others out in need. Penny had a fever, was dehydrated and had an ear infection and if they hadn't seen her she could have gotten worse quickly. Everytime I bring Penny to Allenwood, they are always very patient, informative and helpful in working with our individual needs. I am very grateful to have them and sooo appreciative of their help last night.

Great Care

-Linda from Howell, NJ
Pet Name: Buddy

I have been using Allenwood Animal Hospital for many years. They have taken great care of my pets. They offer suggestions to my concerns, give me options to choose from, and provide excellent medical are. The doctors and staff are friendly and take the time to get to know each client. Making my pet feel safe and comfortable when going for visits is an added service they provide. I have used their boarding services many times, and can feel confident my pet will be well cared for.