New Puppy Packages

Congratulations! We would like to welcome your new puppy to your family. Each visit you will acquire new information from us pertaining to your visit along with additional information. We do this so that you are not overwhelmed all at one time. Please note some are links to other sites while some may be downloaded PDFs.

Puppy Visit # 1

Trupanion Pet Insurance
Puppy Wellness
Spay/Neuter Information
Physical Exam
Flea and Tick
Parasite Control
The Best Little Booklet

General Information:
Getting Started Off Right
Recommendations for New Owners
House Training
Crate Training in Dogs
Socialization and Fear Prevention
Introducing a New Dog to Your Current Dog
Introducing Dogs and Cats
Training Basics
Puppy Little Bundles Schedule
VCA Allen Park Dog Training Class Information
VCA Allen Park Grooming Estimates and Information

Puppy Visit # 2

Lyme disease (coming soon)
Flu Vaccine (coming soon)
Home Delivery

General Information:
Training - Come, Wait and Follow
Brachycephalic Airway Syndrome in Dogs
Grooming and Coat Care for Your Dog
Household Hazards �" Holiday Safety Tips
Toxic Plant List for Dogs
Training �" Enrichment, Predictability and Scheduling
Training Products for Dogs �" To Choke or Not to Choke

Puppy Visit # 3

Spay/Neuter Information
Dog and Cat Nutrition
Dental Care for Your Pet
Home Again Microchip

General Information:
First Aid for Dogs
Dental Disease in Dogs
Barking in Dogs
Aggression in Dogs �" Overview and Diagnosis
Separation Anxiety in Dogs

We look forward to caring for your puppy throughout their lifetime!