• Hospital Administrator

    Andrea Adair

    Andrea has worked at VCA All Pet Animal Hospital Taylorsville since August of 1988. She started as a technician and now is the hospital manager.

    In the beginning of her career, she worked many other jobs. She worked for Delta Airlines (as a gate agent), Salt Lake County Fire Department (fighting wild land fires- what a fun job!), and West Jordan Care Center (as a caregiver).

    Over the years she has rescued several animals. Goofy � a gray conure that was under-nourished; Bronson, a Rottweiler puppy that had Parvovirus and could no longer be treated by his owners; Hopper, a great dane-lab puppy that had been hit by a car and had to have his leg amputated; Jager, a 3 day old kitten that was found abandoned in a field; Jed, a old golden retriever that was found wondering in the snow, skin and bones, covered with snow balls and matted fur; Charles, a whippet that had been hit by a car, had a fractured pelvis and no one to care for him; and Brady Johnson, a 10 day old kitten with an eye that was so infected it had to be removed, to name a few.

    She has a wonderful husband, 2 handsome sons and 2 beautiful daughters. She has a lot of furry "children" too. Pepsi and Aye-less, (dogs) Skippy Jon Jones, Sully and Thumb Thumb (my polydactyl kitty) (cats) and a colony of feral cats that she cares for.

    Her newest hobby is beekeeping.

    Andrea will likely be here watching over your pets until she dies. She loves being with them, getting to know them, seeing them from puppy and kittens to senior citizens.