Frank Frank, Operations Manager



It was the best and worst of times........My name is Frank and this is my story. From an early age, I was on my own. In searching and hunting along the American River I strived daily for survival and my next meal. When discovered by a Good Samaritan, I was dirty, underweight and falling into the hopeless cycle of despair. Through an act of fate, I landed in the hands of the benevolent Dr. Clemmer. Dr Clemmer brought me into her home and made me part of her extended family. I grew bigger, stronger, and healthier within days of my arrival. I enjoyed this new life so much that I wandered the halls singing my praises. Little did I know that I was changing my fate again as I discovered that my new family, including two young children, wanted to sleep peacefully and uneventfully through the night. Dr. Clemmer knew that I needed to find my purpose in life and that All Our Pets Animal Hospital was the perfect fit. I have my independence and am allowed to wander the hospital during the day. I enjoy greeting the clients, snoozing as I please, and getting some sun in the lobby window. At night I have free room and board and spacious living quarters, with a cozy bed and blankets. I get two square meals a day. Life may have started off with no hope but life is good now and I have found my niche as ambassador for All Our Pets Animal Hospital.