• Hospital Manager

    Reanna Santos

    Reanna has worked with VCA since 2004 and came here to All Our Pets in 2007 to join the team as Hospital Manager. Focusing strongly in customer service she strives to lead her team in providing compassionate care and also to build strong relations with their patients and their owners. Reanna has two cats " Baby" and Baby Kitty" , and a golden retriever by the name of " Sasha". In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her family and  3 year old daughter " Olivia", watching a good movie, and believe it or not working!

  • Operations Manager

    Frank Frank

    It was the best and worst of times........My name is Frank and this is my story. From an early age, I was on my own. In searching and hunting along the American River I strived daily for survival and my next meal. When discovered by a Good Samaritan, I was dirty, underweight and falling into the hopeless cycle of despair. Through an act of fate, I landed in the hands of the benevolent Dr. Clemmer. Dr Clemmer brought me into her home and made me part of her extended family. I grew bigger, stronger, and healthier within days of my arrival. I enjoyed this new life so much that I wandered the halls singing my praises. Little did I know that I was changing my fate again as I discovered that my new family, including two young children, wanted to sleep peacefully and uneventfully through the night. Dr. Clemmer knew that I needed to find my purpose in life and that All Our Pets Animal Hospital was the perfect fit. I have my independence and am allowed to wander the hospital during the day. I enjoy greeting the clients, snoozing as I please, and getting some sun in the lobby window. At night I have free room and board and spacious living quarters, with a cozy bed and blankets. I get two square meals a day. Life may have started off with no hope but life is good now and I have found my niche as ambassador for All Our Pets Animal Hospital.