Veterinary Support

  • Licensed Veterinary Technician

    Elissa Curtin, LVT

    Elissa has been with All Critters since 2000. Elissa and her other half, Kyle, welcomed their first child, Alexander in October of 2005. She started as a Customer Service Representative here but as talented as she is, she was quickly pulled in the back to work as a nurse. Elissa is the brainchild of the many fun and decorative things around the hospital. Elissa, Kyle and Alexander share their Black Diamond home with Josie, a Golden Retreiver/American Staffordshire/Mini Poodle mix (results thanks to the newly available Wisdom Panel), Carly, a Chihuahua mix, Henry, an African Side-necked turtle, and 5 cats: Timmy, Westley, Isabella , Jazz & Captain Jack. When she's not at work Elissa enjoys hiking, camping and family fun!

  • Technician

    Kathy Ashdown

    Kathy recently relocated from Southern California. Working for VCA Aacacia in California she joined the All Critters team in November 2013. She loves horses and competes in 3 Day Eventing and Dressage. She has a menagerie of pets including 1 dog, 6 cats, 2 tortoises, and 3 horses.

  • Technician

    Jennifer Holmes

    Jennifer started at All Critters in 2005. After almost 3 years away she is back with us and enjoying every minute. Jennifer spends her free time with her cat Daisy, writing a music blog, and traveling with her music family to music festivals in NYC and Austin, Texas.