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A Fantastic Hospital

-Sam from Great Barrington, MA
Pet Name: Pochacco

All Caring is a terrific vet hospital! The staff are friendly and very knowledgable. My dog Pochacco actually loves going there! He is always given plenty of treats and is happy to go back as often as necessary. He is very small (7lbs) and has tiny, hard-to-hit veins, but the technicians were patient and gentle, and were able to get his blood sample without hurting him. He and I are both happy to go back there.
PS - And his grooming with Angela was fantastic too!

Highly Recomended

-Dakota from Great Barrington, MA
Pet Name: Dakota

The staff here was VERY helpful and very knowledgeable. Dr. Berkowitz is absolutely wonderful with my dogs. Dr. Phillips is SO helpful. You can tell that they really truly care about your pet and they aren't just looking for your money. Highly recommended!!!!!!!!!

Great Place for Vet Care

-Doug and Jamie Shohan from Lee, MA

We have been bringing our pets to All Caring since 2001 and have been very pleased. All of the staff is friendly and courteous. Always. The people that work at All Caring really do care about the pets they treat. There is a certain trust that has been built since 2001 that can't be replicated at any other veterinary clinic.

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-Karen Kulakowski, RD from Springfield, MA
Pet Name: Mikey and Jolie

I have been bringing my dogs, Mikey and Jolie, to All Caring since 2002. I was looking for a more holistic approach to care for my Bichon Frise, Jolie, who had just turned 10 yrs old. What we found was Jolie responded BETTER to the holistic remedies than conventional medicine. As she aged Jolie developed liver problems, severe arthritis and lymphoma. Dr. Barbara (Philips) made us feel she was caring for her own dog. And Jolie loved her! Working with Dawn the animal communicator also made us feel we were always thinking of what Jole wants instead of our agenda. The techs also made us feel that everything was being done according to our wishes. We love EVERYONE All Caring and actively tell friends of the loving care provided at All Caring. I would drive anywhere for great care for my dogs, and an hour and a half is well worth the drive for 5-STAR care! By the way, we had to put Jolie down in January. It was very difficult, but with Dr. Barbara, the techs and Dawn, the animal communicator we felt reassured that we were doing the right thing. We absolutely love All Caring! Thank you for your caring, compassion and friendship.

Loss of our dog Coriander

-April Burch and Dan Alden from Mill River, MA
Pet Name: Cori


We just wanted to thank you for your kindness during Cori's last days. She was a wonderful dog and friend/companion to many. It is comforting to know that she was so well cared for during those final hours. We also appreciate the

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Above and Beyond

-Jill from Northampton, MA
Pet Name: Norman

VCA and all the staff has taken excellent care of my cat, and they are always caring and informative.

Thank you!

Thank You All Caring Animal Hospital

-Donna and Michael from Loudonville, NY

We have been clients of All Caring for the past 9 years. Presently, we have two rescue dogs, Misty and Nina, who have complicated histories and need the best veterinary services available. We enthusiastically recommend All Caring for the high quality attention our animals consistently receive. Dr. Phillips is knowledgeable, articulate, and skillfully integrates traditional and alternative approaches. Mary Jean takes blood work like no other! The staff as a whole is efficient, kind, and talented. We drive over an hour for appointments and it is well worth the time and effort.

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The whole team CARES.

-Carrie, Bob, and King from Warwick, RI
Pet Name: King

Dr. Phillips is one of the most amazing vets we have ever seen. My dog is chronically ill and we have been everywhere looking for answers. We have even been to specialists with him. Dr Phillips actually did better than the specialist. She told us the same things they did but then took it a few steps further. She did it! She diagnosed him and gave him a great care plan. She has also taken time and explained everything which was really appreciated, both his condition and possible medications and procedures. She covered all my dogs conditions and really put it in great perspective on what to do. I can't; "THANK HER ENOUGH!" So if you are out there and are searching for an intelligent vet who sincerely cares and works hard to make it better.

She is the one!!!

We really Appreciate Dr. Phillips

-Rob Surico from Schenectady, NY/NYC, NY

My wife and I began using All Caring approximately 15 years ago to provide high quality veterinary care for our dachshund, Stretch. We chose All Caring because of its reputation and holistic focus. We were given Stretch by my brother who was terminally ill and could no longer care for him. Stretch had always hated going to the vet and would shake and cry. That was until he met the folks at All Caring and specifically, Dr. Phillips. Stretch loved her and his periodic visits. Dr. Phillips was his Vet until the end of his long life and we greatly appreciated the care she gave him. Dr. Phillips also cared for our Corgi, Corky, for his short life and provided excellent care to him as well. Now we have a new Dachshund, named Toby. He is a rescue from Springfield, MA and we immediately decided that Dr. Phillips and the All Caring team would provide his veterinary care. We feel it is well worth the long drive from New York for such high quality care.

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So grateful

-Elisabeth Weiss from New York, NY
Pet Name: Cosi and Petzi

Visits to Dr Phillips have made a huge difference in my dogs' lives. I have hardly ever experienced such caring attention. I do not feel rushed, there aren't a million phone calls that are answered during our appointments, we get results back quickly and my dogs are not stressed out.
We were able to do x-rays without sedation! I love the holistic attitude and I feel I am offering my dogs the best by taking them to see Dr. Phillips.
As a professional dog trainer I am particularly conscious of stress avoidance. My usually reactive dog pranced into the building today and performed her favorite tricks for Dr. Phillips. What more could anybody ask for? Thank you.