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Dr. Kokes and the wonderful staff at All About Pets

-Catherine from St. Louis Park, MN
Pet Name: Beejer

On this day 7 years ago, Beejer became a part of my life. The day before, my beloved Pica was put to sleep and was with me for almost 9 and a half years. It was so difficult for me to go the Animal Humane Society the next day for my volunteer shift, but little did I know that there was a purpose.

Beejer was part of a large Rex rabbit litter that a breeder surrendered to the Society and due to space issues, the litter almost didn't make it up to the adoption floor. For weeks before July 29, 2001, I remember stopping by and visiting this litter of Rex rabbits and little did I know that one very special girl would remain for me that day in July. I often tell Beejer that she knew that I was taking care of Pica and that she waited around for me.

It certanly has been a journey, as you all have been a part of. I seriously did not think that Beejer would make it to 2008, but what an unbelievable spirit she possesses and a will to live. A couple of nights ago, I was giddy with delight in how straight she was while running and the acrobatics are coming back. Beejer is so happy and the kisses and cuddling she gives confirm she truly is the love of my life.

You all deserve a huge hug today!!!!

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Dr. Brayshaw and All About Pets staff

-Kim Nau from Golden Valley, MN
Pet Name: Lindee

Today was the day I had to put down one of the loves of my life - my cat Lindee. Dr. Brayshaw and his staff have been so great to us throughout Lindee's whole life.
We started seeing Dr. Brayshaw for annual exams, and when Lindee got sick he was there with us all the way from finding out what was wrong to helping determine when it was time to say goodbye.
I so appreciated having someone to call with questions and concerns. Dr. Brayshaw always took the time to explain everything, to answer questions and to make Lindee (and me) as comfortable as possible. I can't express how comforting it was to be able to call whenever I needed and to come in, sometimes at the last minute, to have Lindee checked out. He is a kind and wonderful vet!
I hope this isn't the last time we will have seen him or the staff. Maybe, when the time is right, we'll have a new patient for you!

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Saying goodbye to my Min Pin, Gabby.

-Linda Miller from Crystal, MN
Pet Name: Gabby

Thank you to Dr. Kokes and staff who has taken good care of my dear Gabby for many years. She was 14 years old and on Nov. 22, 2014, I had to say goodbye to her. The love and care we received that day will forever be in my heart. These are truly caring people who have a passion for animals and understood the bond I had with my "Baby Girl." That love has helped me to grieve her loss and not feel alone. God bless all of you!! With a grateful heart, Linda Miller