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By Sophia Chiang, DVM
Published: October 18, 2012

Meet Sebastian Frederick!

Sebastian is a sweet and funny 12 year old Domestic Short Hair who presented in August 2011 for left forelimb lameness. He had a suspected soft tissue injury and seemed to respond well to pain medication and joint supplements. However, over the following months, Sebastian began to show more consistent lameness.

Radiographs taken in February 2012 confirmed that Sebastian has arthritis. Interestingly enough, he has mild changes in his left carpus (wrist), but more significant changes in his right shoulder. Yet his lameness is more pronounced in his left forelimb. This is a great example of why radiographs are useful. They help us identify problem areas that may not be apparent on physical examination or patient history. Our treatment can then be targeted towards all affected areas.

Sebastian received his first acupuncture session in early April 2012. He responded beautifully and stopped limping. His owner brought him back for a repeat treatment one month later, when he started showing signs of mild pain when jumping down. After his second treatment, he did not need to return again for three months. He received his latest treatment in August 2012 and is still doing great!