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By Sophia Chiang, DVM
Published: August 31, 2012

Meet D’Artagnan!

He is a 10 year old, male neutered German Shepherd, wonderful and sweet. He was seen through our emergency service for sudden lower back pain and weakness/lameness in the right rear leg. D’Artagnan has a history of several episodes of neck or back pain throughout the years and is suspected to have IVDD (intervertebral disc disease).

For this latest episode, he was treated with pain medications and plenty of rest. Although he responded well and seemed fairly comfortable, his owners were interested in acupuncture to help control pain and increase mobility.

At his first acupuncture visit, D’Artagnan showed pain throughout his lower back and wanted to sit immediately if slight pressure was applied over his pelvic/hip area. Although he was walking well, he also showed neurologic deficits of his rear paws. D’Artagnan can be very nervous here at the animal hospital, but tolerated his first acupuncture session very well.

By the second session, D’Artagnan already showed much less pain and was stronger in his lower back. His neurologic deficits were also improved.

D’Artagnan has now gone through four sessions of acupuncture and is doing very well! His mom reports that he jumped on the bed for the first time in a long while, has better energy and is much more comfortable overall. He is also less nervous while here and seems more relaxed for his needles. We are so happy to have D’Artagnan as an acupuncture patient!