Laparoscopy is a procedure in which a camera (laparoscope) is introduced into the abdominal cavity through a tiny incision.  It allows the doctor to see inside the abdomen without having to make a large incision.  Surgical instruments may also be introduced in this manner.  VCA Alexandria Animal Hospital is excited to offer this minimally invasive option for many surgical procedures.  Procedures such as spay, gastropexy, cryptorchid neuter and tissue collection for biopsy may be accomplished through a few small incisions rather than one large one. 

Minimally invasive surgery has many potential benefits.  There is decreased post-operative inflammation and pain compared to standard procedures.  Many procedures can be done on an outpatient basis, allowing our patients to return home sooner.  Many pets can return to normal activity more quickly than with standard procedures.

Not every surgical procedure can be performed laparoscopically.  Your veterinarian is the best judge of what can and can't be done with this technology.  If your pet needs surgery, please schedule an appointment with your veterinarian to discuss whether laparoscopic surgery is right for your pet.