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By Aldrich Animal Hospital
Published: July 25, 2012

Aldrich Animal Hospital understands the special sensitivites of our feline patients. That is why we have a dedicated Feline Exam Room with its own entrance to lessen stress for both cat and pet owner.

Aldrich Animal Hospital understands the special needs of cats and offers:

  • FREE FIRST EXAM for your feline family member
  • FREE CAT TRANSPORT KIT* that includes Feliway Wipe, HIll's Cat Treats, Essential 101 Tips Cat Care Booklet, Cat Care information brochures, Antech sample container, Feline Wellness Assessment Form (*while supplies last)
  • A helpful video offering 5 simple steps to use cat-friendly carriers
  • A special hospital staff member with a focus on all things feline
  • Little Bundles for Kitten health exam discount package

So why not call us today to schedule an appointment for your best feline friend to make sure he or she stays healthy and happy!