VCA Alderwood Companion Animal Hospital Testimonials

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My Sincere Thanks

-Kelvin Richardson from Lynnwood, WA

Over the past several months, it has been my privilege to work with Dr. Boris Rozhik and staff of the VCA Companion Animal Hospital in Lynnwood. I was hesitant to change Veterinarians, but due to unforeseen circumstances, needed a professional in our area. Having been in the industry and visited a number of clinics, I am impressed with the professional demeanor of the staff, the cleanliness and organization of the clinic, and the willingness of all personnel to be sensitive, kind, and informative. In particular, Dr. Rozhik has been outstanding in both diagnoses, his concern for both the companion animal and the economic realities of life, and his sincere and most appreciated bedside manner and follow-up. In 25 years of owning companion animals, I have actually never met a better internist, and while the outcome of his diagnoses were sad, his empathy and ability to show concern and compassion were outstanding. My sincere thanks to everyone at the clinic.

Great Attention to Human Companions and Humans

-Virginia Alonzo from Mill Creek, WA
Pet Name: Bearsheba and Jakob

We were changing vets as we had moved. We received a recommendation from our pet sitter to try VCA Alderwood Companion Animal Hospital. Both of our cats have renal disease and we were concerned that they receive the same level of care and attention as they had with our previous vet. We are SO PLEASED with this hospital! The level of care and attention to detail from the time we first walked in to the follow ups through phone calls and notes to make sure our kitties were doing well is phenomenal. We are very glad to have them work with Bear and Jake!

Will not take my animals anywhere else

-Monique from Lynnwood, WA
Pet Name: Dakota, Bebe

The staff at VCA Alderwood are very kind, willing to work with you, and are more than happy to tell you the difference between what NEEDS to be done, and what is an optional procedure. I have two dogs that both are clients at VCA Alderwood, and will have a kitten in November who will also be joining VCA as a client. Kari Emery (the primary vet my dogs currently sees) is amazing with animals and kids alike. I have to bring my two year old with me when I bring in my animals and the staff is more than accommodating, to make sure that my daughter is occupied and even allows her to help with the exams (usually just having her help "hold" the dogs for temp check). I will not be taking my pets anywhere else unless I leave the area. VCA Alderwood = AMAZING care for your pets!


-Chelsie schreiner from lynnwood, WA
Pet Name: isabelle schreiner

I had a 16 yr old cat who had a tumor removed at another vet...and got my girl back from other vet she was severely dehydrated...low weight and obviously dying!!! The vet who performed her surgery was careless.....she was given NO fluids or I.V. during her procedure and when she was stiched up some of her hair was stitched up and that was not good!!! We took her to vca animal companion in lynnwood for a free exam & 2nd opinion on her situation. VCA examined her and explained these detailed to us...and we had no money but VCA gave her fluids under her skin as well as free pain meds and antibiotics....unfortunately she was in process of dying.....we took her home and next morning brought her back to VCA after getting the $$ to euthenize her....these vets are so compassionate about animals and I'm greatful for the love and devotion they have for animals and the owners!!! I couldnt be more greatful for a better place to put my cat to rest. I will bring my other cat there for reg. Check ups now on. thank you soon much VCA of lynnwood!! R.I.P. ISABELLE....7-24-2012

Gotta love this place

-Keryn D from Everett, WA
Pet Name: Pudgey

My name is Keryn and I worked at ACAH for 6 years and loved every minute of it! Even though I work for a different animal hospital now I continue to take my pets to VCA Alderwood Companion for their health care needs. I know for a fact the amount of love, compassion and care the team puts toward every pet seen. Some may think I'm biased because I worked for the hospital but I would strongly disagree.