VCA Albany Animal Hospital Testimonials

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-Margaret J. Mason from Berkeley, CA

I am very happy to have VCA Albany to rely on for my cats. They took Star and Sasha through some tough times and gave us more happy years together. Star had special problems and I could be certain that her needs were always being met with innovative and thoroughly thought out solutions. The staff is warm and caring and patient above and beyound, and I know my new girls, Cleo and Griselda, will be in good hands with them in the years to come.

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The Best

-Susan Cline from Oakland, CA
Pet Name: Eliza

My pets have been cared for at VCA Albany Animal Hospital since 1984 when our animals first become patients of Dr. Gardner. Dr. Gardner and other members of the staff have overseen the care of all of our animals since that time. At one point we had 8 animals in our household.

The care and compassion they have shown to 'our children' is astounding, and every member of their staff is courteous, helpful and caring.

All of our animals received the highest quality of care and lived to old age.

I can't say enough about the experiences over the years we've had at this clinic. VCA Albany has provided us with peace of mind about our animals well being for years. My recommendation for this practice is the highest I can give.

Aging Pet Care

-Carole Norris and Alan Kay from Berkeley, CA
Pet Name: Fred

We have an almost 15 year old Dachsie, Fred. We thought he was having seizures and were concerned about his ability to survive them. Because of the amazing knowledge and sensitivity of Gina Eigner, who discovered he was not having seizures, but rather a problem with his breathing and prescribing medications, he is doing really well - and continues to be his feisty self. Thanks to Dr. Eigner - brilliant work. He is living today because of her.

I Love VCA Albany

-Anna Makar-Quinn from El Cerrito, CA
Pet Name: LuluSammyKCTacoDixie

I have been going to VCA Albany for many years now and I have complete faith in every doctor and every technician at the facility. I am a neurotic pet owner and everyone at VCA Albany makes sure I am at ease and so are my animals - they understand that I think of my animals as children. Dr. Beers is our primary veterinarian and she treats my animals as if they were her own; she never encourages me to perform tests or procedures that are not needed like I have seen other veterinarians do at other hospitals. She even helped me make the difficult decision of euthanizing our 17 year old cat Lovey when it was time for him to leave this earth. The entire staff makes me feel like I am family - I love going here and would highly recommend it to all animal owners/lovers. Believe me, I speak from experience!

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We love VCA Albany

-Frank Linda and Mikee from Berkeley, CA
Pet Name: Kittee

We love VCA Albany. We feel at home there.
Everyone is friendly and conscientious.
Two of our cats lived to be 18 and 19. Our third cat is going strong and will turn 20 this month! We believe this to be in large part because of the great care they have received over the 10+ years we have been bringing them there.
Dr. Stephen Gardner has been our vet for most of the time we have been going there. He is thorough and compassionate and good with people and critters! We feel lucky to have him.

My Pet's Guardian Angels

-Maggie Bade from San Leandro, CA
Pet Name: Domino and Penelope

I have taken two generations of pets to VCA Albany Animal Hospital. These people are top notch - some of the best surgeons in the area! These people love animals. They do whatever each little creature needs to make their life one of quality. I used to live close by but have recently moved. I'm happy to make the 25 mile trek to see these folks. With them, I know my furry friend will be taken care of with the utmost care.

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Uncommonly loving care.

-Marcus Pun from Oakland, CA
Pet Name: Gus

Yesterday (8/19/10) Dr. Stephen Gardner called as I was heading home from work. He was the first vet to see Gus more than 15 years ago when my dog was a tiny puppy. Stephen had seen that Gus was in several days earlier to see Dr. Susan Martin about a case of mild diarrhea. I reassured him that Gus was okay, still had a good appetite and that he seemed to be responding to the meds and that it wasn't a return of the nightmarish canine gastro hemorrhagic enteritis from a few weeks earlier.

Yes it is horrible as it sounds. I had to take Gus in to Pet Referral Service (the emergency care in Berkeley) on Saturday night where he stayed until Monday morning when he was transferred to VCA in Albany. Gus would spend a few more days there, and the nights at PRS. (Neither facility does 24-hour care on the weekdays). Everyone was caring and supportive of the patient ... and me.

We talked about the treatment Gus was receiving and the arthritis meds he is taking. We also talked vaccinations. At the age of 15 I am not comfortable leaving Gus out in the back yard for long stretches of time and was checking out doggie day care near my work. Stephen was fine with the Bordetella vaccine but said that the Distemper/Parvo is probably too much for Gus at his age and that the day care center could call him or any of the vets at VCA if they had any questions. It was very touching to hear from Stephen. VCA is a wonderful place staffed by very loving, caring vets(I think we have seen them all) and a great, caring, support staff.

Right now Gus is lying down, resting comfortably as I type this. I have much more I could add and it truly would take up the entire web site, but most of all I'd like to say to Stephen and everyone else, "thank you".

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Wonderful Doctors at VCA

-Arlyle Shaw from Oakland, CA
Pet Name: Benny

My boyfriend and I found a dog on the freeway outside Bakersfield. After a stay at the local shelter where he remained unclaimed, we adopted him. When I came to VCA, I thought that Benny's first exam would be routine, but we soon found that the shelter had botched his neuter and he had a bad infection. Dr. Moulton took him in right away and got him taken care of. Although it seemed like Benny was on the mend, we soon found that he had contracted kennel cough from the shelter. Dr. Gardner saw Benny the second time and was so helpful and caring. Fast forward a few months and a haircut later and Benny is happy and healthy in his new home with two Bengal mix sisters who were rescued from a Bay Area shelter. We are so grateful to Dr. Moulton Dr. Gardner, and the rest of the staff at VCA Albany. They were amazing! The picture shows Benny on the day we found him, him recovering from his surgery (hence the blue doughnut), him playing, and him after his latest haircut :)