• Hospital Manager

    Nikki Spaw

    Nikki was born in Georgia but was raised in Alaska. She attended school in Minnesota for 3 ½ years before Alaska called her back! Nikki has three dogs and a turtle. She enjoys hikes and country swing dancing. Like many real Alaskan girls, Nikki is an avid camper, fisherwomen, and snowboarder. Her sparkling and cheerful personality comes out in Nikki’s unique style. Nikki is a fantastic leader and she is very respected at APC.

  • Referral Coordinator

    Kayla Nicholson

    Kayla was born in Palmer and raised in Anchorage. She has worked at APC since April 2010.  Kayla is working on her associate’s degree in veterinary science as she was the VCA recipient of a scholarship to Penn Foster.  Kayla loves working in the vet field because she likes being the animals’ heath advocate. Kayla and her husband Luke recently welcomed their daughter Hazel into their family.  They also have three cats and three dogs.  Though, those numbers seem to grow every time you turn around, as she opens her house and heart to rescued animals.  As an Alaska girl, Kayla loves to snowboard, snow machine and spend time outside.