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Molly's Story

-Dana Danko from Greenwood Village, CO
Pet Name: Molly

Molly my Terrier Mix came to Alameda East in the middle of the night because she was having a hard time breathing. We were met by Dr.Tamara Jacobson and off she went for x-rays. The x-rays were not good. Molly had a hernia hole in which all of her internal organs relocated through and settled in her chest cavity. For her to survive they needed to move her organs back where they belong and sew up the hole where the hernia was. Molly was 13 and this was major surgery. Because of the excellent doctors at Alameda East, we made the decision to go ahead with the surgery. If she didn’t have it, she was not going home with me.
Molly had to have her spleen, parts of her liver and gall bladder removed, and once out of surgery she was having a hard time breathing on her own. The good news is she has now been home for 3 months and is doing amazing!
Doctors Jennifer Fick, Tamara Jacobson and Nicole Vumbaco ~as well as all others on the team from Alameda East that worked on Molly were nothing short of perfection. I am so thankful for their professionalism, love and support! And..of course, Molly did her part too~She’s one tough pup!
Dana Danko

A caring company

-Rachel from Englewood, CO
Pet Name: Roky

We were told 3 months ago about this puppy who was taken in by Alameda East because the original owner did not want to pay for the puppy's treatment. Alameda east took in the puppy and treated him. They were highly invested in finding him a good home. We now have that puppy that we call Roky. He is the most wonderful puppy! We use Alameda East because we owe our puppy's life to them. People who are willing to take the time and money to take care of an abandon puppy without any question are the only people I want to take care of our pet! Thank you Alameda East for being the best animal hospital!

Pet Image

excellent care in a difficult situation

-Steve and Megan from Denver, CO
Pet Name: Patches

In August of 2011 Patches - Steve's 14-year-old, round, deaf, wonderful, loving, poly-dactyl Calico - had what we thought was an abscess tooth, but was quickly discovered to be squamous cell carcinoma. She went to our PCP for a tooth extraction and came out with a feeding tube and a suggestion to see an oncologist.

That oncologist was Anne Skope and her most excellent assistant. In the middle of a terrible and devastating situation we could not have gotten better. Alameda East made us an appointment right away. Dr. Skope and her assistant were knowledgeable and compassionate as they walked us through several tough choices. From the time Patches got sick to being in Dr. Skope's office was less than one week; she was miserable, in pain and on a feeding tube. With breaking hearts we we made the decision to take away her pain and let her go. Everyone at Alameda East was with us every step of the way down a terrible and tragic path.

Steve knew Patches since he could hold her in the palm of his hand, and I knew her since 2007 when we became a family. She was loving and playful, and her poly-dactyl paws were big puffy boxing mitts! She was a special girl who enriched our lives. As a tribute to the joy she brought us we now now have matching tattoos of her wonderful puffy boxing-mitt paws.

Just recently a colleague said to me "My cat is getting sick, he has some kind of mass in his mouth. He's getting a biopsy today." I said without hesitation "If the biopsy is positive, go to Alameda East and see Dr. Skope."

As it happens, one of our other cats sees Dr. Scruggs every year for his heart. We cannot thank you enough Alameda East for your care of us and our animals!

Experts in their fields

-Barb from Parker, CO
Pet Name: Cain

We brought our 12 year old German Shepherd in because the VCA vet in Castle Rock saw that he had a tumor and discovered it was cancerous. Dr. Skope and Dr. Cavanaugh took us through the sometimes intimidating process of learning all about his specific type of cancer, osteosarcoma. We decided to have the surgery and he had part of his jaw removed. It sounded extremely radical but no one pushed us to have it done. Our concerns about him being able to eat, etc. were addressed and they told us that any changes to his outward appearance would be minimal. They were right on both counts and our dog is doing great! I realize there can be no guarantees with cancer, as the vets continued to remind us, but I would not hesitate to recommend these fine doctors to anyone who is faced with a dog having a serious disease like cancer. Thank you so much for your fine and professional and compassionate care.

Thank you Dr. Rothman

-Kj from Aurora, CO
Pet Name: Olivia

I went out of town to visit family and got a call late one night from my best friend/Pet Sitter. She had found my diabetic cat unresponsive and taken her to Alameda East for treatment. Dr Rothman immediately worked to stabilize my cat as her blood sugar was very low and was in constant contact with me updating me. Once Olivia was stabilized she did additional blood work to determine the cause of the blood sugar dip. It was found that Olivia's body was basically shutting down, she was 18 years old and had a wonderful life. With the help and guidance from the Vets at Alameda East I was able to make the painful decision to euthanize Olivia so she would no longer have to struggle. Dr Rothman walked me through the process and assured me that someone would be there with Olivia the whole time since I could not be there. I cannot thank her enough for showing my sweet friend the love and kindness that I would have in her final moments. It meant a lot to me and will not be forgotten.

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Thank you for your compassion and care

-Therese-Marie O'Sullivan from Denver, CO
Pet Name: Therese-Marie O'Sullivan

Today, I took my little calico cat, Lucy in to be put to sleep and I could not have been more pleased at the kindness of everyone I encountered. We took her out to the little garden in the back and Dr. Heather Gardner was so kind and gracious in leaving Lucy where she had found a nice shady spot under a tree. Despite the sadness that I feel, I know that Lucy was well taken care of and compassionately treated. Thank you so very much for her wonderful care over the years, too!

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Lost, found, and saved

-Sarah from Denver, CO
Pet Name: Ty

In 2010, my best friend Ty went missing in the mountains of Southern Colorado when we were on vacation from Denver. He managed to roll down the window and jump out of the car to protect me from some open range cows. We were going slowly enough that he was uninjured, but I did not realize he was out for about a mile. By the time I did, he was gone - some helpers had seen him trying to get him as he clearly did not belong there alone, and he was spooked and ran off. After looking for him for a week, I had given up. He was a 9 lb chihuahua mix, not built for the wild.

A few days later someone had found him, nearly dead, unresponsive and weighing 6.5 lbs, and rushed him to a local vet. They called me because of his posters still up in the area. I raced back from Denver to transport him to a 24 hour facility. Santa Fe was closer for further care, but when I told them he usually went to Alameda East, the local vet did not hesitate and said take him there, they're the best. By the time I got him to Alameda East, it was midnight, but Dr. Ruff was waiting for us as they had called ahead. He had a rough course and a day later required emergency surgery and was turned over to Dr. Cavanaugh. This was followed by Dr. Rha with internal medicine when it was discovered he had bad pancreatitis. As he was only 5 at the time, we proceeded with treatment. Everyone was so kind to him and to me and wanted to meet the "survivor dog". 1 week later he went home from the ICU. I'm happy to say he is doing great and up to 10 lbs, now protecting our home from neighbor dogs only - no more cows for him!

We have a second dog now and have moved farther from Alameda East, but I would never take my pets anywhere else. I am convinced Ty would not have survived his mountain adventure without the care and expertise of Alameda East. Thank you for saving my best friend!

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Thank you Dr Eckert

-Mike Richards from Aurora, CO
Pet Name: TOGO

Last Saturday we brought our kitten TOGO in who was extremely ill. We had taken him to another local vet 4 times in 5 weeks before we were finally told "sorry, we cannot help you anymore, you need to see a specialist and we were referred to VCA. From the moment we walked in the door, we had the feeling that our kitten TOGO was priority number one.

Unfortunately, our kitten had developed a mutated form of FIP. Dr Eckert was very direct with us and the seriousness of the situation which was a welcome change believe it or not since the 5 weeks prior we had been given nothing but different types of medications with "he will be fine". We put TOGO into ICU for 24 hrs and Dr Eckert and the team of specialists did everything possible to try and save our kitten but he was to far gone. We were able to bring him home Saturday and spend time with him before he passed away Tuesday morning. Even though we only had an extra 4 days, I am pretty sure we would not have had that if it were not for Dr Eckert and the team at VCA. Even when I went in Tuesday morning with TOGO to have him cremated, they still made us feel like he was their top priority. We do plan on getting another pet soon and I will continue to use VCA and will recommend them to all my friends and coworkers. My only regret is we didn't get to VCA sooner. If we had, TOGO may have had a chance. Thank you again Dr Eckert, you definitely made this transition easier then it would have been. Mike and Mary Richards.

Midnight, our little light

-George, Karen, Allison, and Mystik from Aurora, CO
Pet Name: Midnight

We lost our cat Midnight to kidney problems on Saturday, November 3, 2012. This is not the first time we've had to go through this tragic heartache. Thankfully, the Alameda East family that we've trusted for many years in helping us take care of our beloved pets stood by us once again. Our cat Midnight was having problems with weight loss and eventually energy loss. We brought him in that morning and I was given the prognosis that he was in serious trouble. After Dr. Isreal presented options for Midnight, we decided that the best, most humane thing to do was to end his misery. I took Midnight home so that everyone could say their goodbyes, and that afternoon I brought him back to Alameda East. I was really having trouble coming to terms with the situation, but the great staff was so supportive and helpful. I was extremely grateful that Dr. Isreal was there to perform the final act for Midnight. His professionalism and empathy were a great comfort. David, from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU. You are truly a credit to your profession and a good person as well.


-Robin Bakas from Denver, CO
Pet Name: Corona

My precious friend had pyometra surgery at another clinic after they had let her wait a week on antibiotics. My precious girl was bleeding into her abdomen and was septic. we were taken care of Heidi Cunz dvm....she was a lifesaver to me and my daughter who was inconsolable. thank you for you help Heidi..,Robin, john and claire :) unfortunately our girl had to go to sleep....please spay your dogs so you dont have to ever encounter pyometra...and thank you to the staff at VCA're excellent.