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Our turtle

-Gina Crane from Aurora, CO
Pet Name: Emmitt

We had one turtle for 35 years. These guys are the best. We have now had Emmett for 11 years and he is doing great. Dr F. takes such good care of him. Really knows his scales and tails. The best in the area.

I wouldn't go anywhere else

-Laura Roach from Brighton, CO

We originally went to Alameda East to see a specialist, but after the amazing experience we had we decided to take all of our pets there. We have used the general practice, specialty, surgery, pharmacy and emergency care. We are always treated with great respect, everyone there is super friendly, and the care my animals receive is top notch.

We have never felt rushed in any of our appointments. They really take time to spend with you and your pet during your visit and are very thorough. I have recommended all of my friends to their facility. We drive 40 minutes each way to use Alameda East and we are never disappointed.

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Good with rats

-Bruce from Denver, CO
Pet Name: Jack

I brought our hooded rat Jack here with a respiratory problem. Everyone was just great, from the people at the front desk to Dr. Hafer. They all know their stuff, and they know how to handle 'exotic' pets. The fact that they are open 24 hours is also great. The cost was not too bad, all things considered.

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Peace of mind

-Susan Schubert - Sidnee's Mom from Denver, CO
Pet Name: Sidnee Ann Schubert aka Sid Vicious

Learning our girl needed immediate surgery the day we were to leave on a vacation was devastating. I was able to change my plans and place Sidnee in the care of Dr McAbee and his team. Every professional I spoke with at Alameda East showed compassion and understanding, answered my endless questions and took every phone call I made and was happy to provide detailed information on Sidnee. Because of the trust I had in the Alameda East team I went ahead and joined my family and friends on vacation. I was in daily contact with a member of Sidnee's care team and am amazed at the love everyone showed our girl. Sidnee is thriving and we look forward to a few more amazing years with her. Dr McAbee and his team gave us the most amazing gift � extra years with the most Beautiful Brown Dog � Our Sidnee!

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Remarkable Surgery Team

-Julie from Englewood, CO

Kobi is the joy of my life, and therefore, it became my mission to find the very best doctors and surgery center. It did not take long for countless recommendations to flow to me from other loving pet owners affirming Alameda East was the best, not only in Denver, but in the nation. Kobi's surgery team, headed by Dr. McAbee and his assistant James was exceptional in every way. There was no question too grand, too small, or even too ridiculous for them to take the time to answer.

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Boundless Compassion

-Brandylyn Cohea from Aurora, CO
Pet Name: Hulk Smash

When our eight month old bulldog/lab mix Hulk passed away unexpectedly we were heartbroken. My husband is military and was deployed at the time and I felt overwhelmed - when I arrived with my poor boy at VCA Alameda East they welcomed me with open arms.

The sympathy and compassion they extended was a huge comfort to me during such a difficult time. They let me know exactly what to expect from the cremation services and even let me say goodbye and leave Hulk with his favorite blanket.

The death of a pet is never easy, but the caring professionals at Alameda East literally and figuratively held my hand through the entire process.

We're so thankful that we'll be taking our other pets there from now on for regular vet care.

End of life care

-Dawn Shepherd from Thornton, CO
Pet Name: Bayonet

Today, 8/31/11, I had to put my beloved 17 year old cat down. I specifically came to Alameda East as I knew they would not only take wonderful care of her, but of me as well! I was immediately escorted to the comfort room and she was treated with the utmost respect and love. I was able to hold my baby as she took her last breath, which was exactly how I wanted it. I cannot say enough about Alameda East and the care they provide to animals and humans alike! Thank you so much for providing such great care to her and to me during this extremely difficult time. While I know she is at peace and no longer hurting, I am -- however, I will learn to live on with her memories and the joy she brought to my life for those 17 years. Thank you to the staff, again, for taking good care of us!

Mr. Spud the Wonder Dog

-Irma Versluijs from Denver, CO
Pet Name: Mr. Spud

Mr. Spud the Wonder Dog, our best friend for 17 years, passed away on the 26th of November 2011. Spud had been in the hospital for several days whilst I was overseas trying to get back as soon as I could. Spud was ill and after an operation and a few days in the hospital not being able to stand or do much else but lay there, Chris and I had to accept that Spud was not getting better and that we had to let him go. At times I personally still struggle with the fact that at the moment of telling Spud that we would let him go so he could be more comfortable, Spud used all his strength to stand up like he was saying: "okay let's go then". It creates questions and it creates not knowing what went through this beautiful dogs mind at the that particular moment. Did he react to my words and heard go, so he did what he was told? Was it Spud being Spud and being as loyal as he always is? I just do not know, however what I do know is that Spud was in very good hands of the doctors of the Alameda East hospital. I believe that all has been done for Spud to get the best care and therefore the best chance in life. I therefore would like to say a big THANK YOU to all the staff who cared for Spud and who cared for us. To receive the sympathy card signed by everyone who cared for Spud, was an extreme special touch. Very impressive, comforting and heartwarming. Spud touched many people and many hearts during his 17 year on this earth, and this fantastic dog will never be forgotten.

My Doctor, My Friend

-Bear Jenkins from Aurora, CO
Pet Name: Bear

I saw Erin Miller, DVM, just a few days ago and I love her. My parents were right. They said I will be getting the best care here for a long lifetime full of fun and good health. I was amazed how at ease I was with Erin and I could feel her love for me. My parents have been coming here for a long time. My Dad remembers this place as a vet clinic since the sixties. Dr. Miller just called me to see how I was doing. Wow, can there be any better care than that? And Dr. Miller went to CSU!!!

Thanks Dr. Miller,

Bear Jenkins

Little Miss Dill Mc Cutty

-Steven and Cindy from Denver, CO
Pet Name: Little Miss Dill Mc Cutty

It was surreal to sleep well and wake up to find a nightmare. In the darkest hours of an early morning, so dark the moon was still out, about two weeks ago we woke up to find Dill dying.

With quick clarity we contacted VCA Alameda East Veterinary Hospital located at 9770 E. Alameda Ave in Denver, and with equaled confusion we needed driving directions although we had driven by VCA Alameda East Veterinary Hospital hundreds of times.

Dill was so unresponsive until we were not even sure if she heard us call her name as we drove to the hospital. We pulled into the parking lot, rushed through the doors, and landed on an island. That is what it felt like, to be shipwrecked, and landing on an island named Hope.

Within minutes we were ushered into an examination room and from there Dill was quickly placed in the intensive care unit.

In all the surreal uncertainty one thing was certain.

“Hello, I’m Doctor Burgess.”

“Hello, I’m Doctor Anderson.”

They saved Dill’s life.

Each and every step from intake at the front desk at VCA Alameda East Veterinary Hospital not once were we unclear about what was going on with Dill. I’ve known people patients in hospitals who did not get the attention and care Dill received and people in waiting rooms who were not updated as we were.

Dill had to stay at the hospital and when she came home we waited for The Nice Problem. That would be the day Dill had the strength to fight us back when giving her the medicine she would likely need the rest of her life. That day came. I was asked would we feel so grateful if Dill had not survive?

After all Dill is home.

We had to absorbed some scary words. Liver failure. Cancer. Months.

Dill is home for now.

Given Dill’s diagnose we are even more grateful. The treatment Dill received at VCA Alameda East Veterinary Hospital located at 9770 E Alameda Ave in Denver means whatever time is left Dill will have a better quality of life because we walked through their doors. Little Miss Dill Mc Cutty never purred to another human other than us. Never. Dill purrs at the staff of VCA Alameda East Veterinary Hospital.

Sometimes through doors we discover the islands we need. Sometimes people are islands too. Dr. Burgess, Dr. Anderson, and to the entire staff of VCA Alameda East Veterinary Hospital located at 9770 E Alameda Ave we have said it many times and yet cannot say it enough.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.