Our Denver Animal Hospital

VCA Alameda East Veterinary Hospital promotes an interdisciplinary team approach to patient care using advanced principles of medicine and surgery, delivered with compassion. We are committed to our community and to providing the best possible customer care.

Since 1971 we have offered primary care, specialist care, and 24-hour emergency care all under one roof. Why 24 hours and why so many services? We treat pets as members of the family. We want to know every detail about your pet so that we can provide the best possible care to suit their needs from their days as a little tyke to providing the best quality of life in their senior years. We know what to do in an emergency, who to consult in complex cases, and what to look for in an initial wellness exam.

What makes us different?
- Continuity of Care. We have round-the-clock clinical supervision for our cases, and carefully educate pet parents about after-care at home. We're compassionate providers who tailor care to the needs of you and your pet.
-Integrated and Experienced Team. We foster an environment of achievement. With a deliberate mix of general practitioners, technicians, and board-certified specialists, we maintain a standard of care that's hard to match anywhere.
- Advanced Technology. When your practitioners are among the best and brightest in their fields, you need to support them with the best technology available. Since 2003 we've added 32,000 square feet of state-of-the-science everything. New equipment, new technology: all in a proper facility that promotes teamwork in the name of your pet.

About the Animal Planet Connection
Alameda East Veterinary Hospital was approached about doing a documentary-style cable television series about emergency medicine for animals. "Emergency Vets" was a runaway hit with viewers. The show was filmed on-site and aired over 100 episodes from 1998-2002. Reruns are still popular and the show airs around the world in millions of households nearly every day.