VCA Airline Boulevard Animal Hospital Testimonials

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Loving Care

-Nathan and Donna Sellers from Portsmouth, VA
Pet Name: Sapphire

Our cat, Sapphire, has been a patient at VCA Airline Hospital since we adopted him in 2007. Sapphire is known to lash out at others that he is not familiar with, due to an anxiety issue. The staff at VCA Airline Hospital are very understanding and treat him with extra loving care to help him and us. We will get a phone call from the staff, following an appointment, checking up on Sapphire. My husband and I are truly thankful for their kindness and great care they provide for our little Sapphire.

I will return

-Silverdahl from Portsmouth, VA

I have passed VCA Airline more than a handful of times. The other day I decided to go in and get a feel for the place. I was immediately greeted with a smile from the receptionist. She seemed very happy to see me.I can not remember her name, but I know it started with a C? A few seconds later I was greeted by another smiling face. Her name was Teeny? Couldn't forget THAT name.She seemed so happy to be there. They both talked to me for quite sometime and answered my questions about what my dog would need. Never making me feel like I was a bother. The place was clean and homey. As I was leaving Teeny told me that she was happy that I came in and hoped that she would get to meet my baby soon. I am glad that I stopped in and I will return. Thank you Teeny and C? You made me feel like I was with family!


-andre from Portsmouth, VA
Pet Name: shoebert

tis not everyday you find so many angels in one place but on Saturday I did. my partner in crime, Shoebert, needed immediate medical attention of which she is still too embarrassed to mention, the voice on the other end of the line (Cori) calmed both of us and when we arrived despite all my warnings of a ferocious feline, everybody was grand and wanted to touch her. by the end of it all both of us were covered in fur - if I could shed I would- I was so nervous! and as Shoebert turned into the beast I luckily seldom see, all hands were on deck and the kind words of Teeny and the surgical kindness of Dr. Conyers (despite me calling her Dr. O'Connor - sorry) soon had Shoebert back in the sack as peaceful as the angels that took care of her. gas works marvelous doesn't it :) well the day ended well, I learned that angels appear when you need them at VCA Airline boulevard and also learned that my dear Shoebert had not three teeth but two and now, not one...but none. cheers - grand job all around - wonder if I can get the teeth back to put under her pillow ??


-Lindsay from Va Beach, VA
Pet Name: Misty

Today Misty went to heaven in the most caring and compassionate way thanks to Dr. Hubbard, Christine and the rest of the staff. You see Misty had a sudden case of Kidney disease and was not going to make it very long but she got to have a bucket list thanks to the wonderful caring staff at VCA and when the time came to take her out of her pain they were there to support and love on her. See Misty hated care rides until she went to the VCA. Christine spoiled her so much everytime I took her to go to the bathroom she wanted to go for a car ride back to VCA. So I wanted nothing more than her favorite people to be there when the time came to say our last good byes. VCA only knew her for a short time but they took care of her like she was their own which made it so much easier for me her mommy. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and I want people to know just how amazing you guys truly are.