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Peke Blessings

-Jane Garrett from Portsmouth, VA
Pet Name: Gracie Lu

If you are fortunate enough to have VCA Airline Boulevard Animal Hospital as the primary care giver for you pets, you are blessed.They attended my Katee and Murfee during very serious illnesses. While each little one was hospitalized, I made daily visits and received daily updates. The entire staff worked diligently to save them but when the end was obvious, I was allowed to hold each one of my little Pekes as they crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. The staff grieved with me. For their caring and their love of Murfee and Katee I shall always be grateful. Fortunately through the efforts of the Potomac Valley Pekingese Rescue, I now have Gracie Lu, a six year old Peke. When we went for our initial visit, the staff celebrated with us and made Gracie feel so loved. Upon arriving at the hospital, both you and your pet are greeted by name.You are enveloped in an atmosphere that instills confidence---confidence that your pet will receive the very best medical treatment available, confidence that, if hospitalized, he will be cared for in a loving manner, confident that you will be kept informed of the ongoing medical status and confidence that, if necessary, additional referrals can and will be made. GRACIE AND I GIVE VCA AIRLINE BOULEVARD ANIMAL HOSPITAL A FIVE STAR RATING. JANE GARRETT AND GRACIE LU

My experience

-Carole Garrett from Portsmouth, VA
Pet Name: Savory

When you take your beloved pet to this caring group of professionals you feel like you truly matter.

Dr. Carpenter operated on my Min Pin when she was very young and I have been a patient since then, approximately 15 yrs.

When my precious Savannah could no longer survive I was treated with the utmost sympathy and compassion. Now I have a 3-1/2 year old Pug-A-Poo and, of course he, too, will always be their patient.

What a Blessing

-Debbie Canady from Chesapeake, VA
Pet Name: Layla Bandit Temple

I have 3 pets that are treated at VCA Airline Boulevard Animal Hospital in Portsmouth, VA. I just love everyone that works there. When my family was considering adopting a 2 1/2 year old doggie from the local shelter, we learned that she had heartworms. We knew that if we did not adopt her, they would euthanize her. I could not let that happen. We adopted her, and VCA and the local shelter took care of her heartworm treatments. Our sweet doggie's name is "Layla" and she is now 4 1/2 years old, and is GREAT! Thank you so much VCA for your love and kindness! We also adopted a puppy. Well, he's a very wild child, and has the perfect name to fit his personality "Bandit". Bandit is great with our family, but no so much with other people. After a very rough day at VCA, I just knew they would NEVER EVER want to see him again. But they forgave him for his extremely bad behavior and continue to welcome him with open arms (as long as he's muzzled--heehee). We love the staff at VCA and I recommend this animal hospital to all of my family and friends! Thank you VCA Airline Blvd. Animal Hospital for all you do!!!!

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An amazing team

-Brenda from Portsmouth, VA
Pet Name: Brenda Goodson

My husband and I have been taking our 2 dogs and 2 cats to VCA for about 5 years now since moving to Portsmouth. We couldn't have asked for a better clinic. The staff are always so friendly and welcoming. Dr. Carpenter gets very excited when she sees our Sammy come through the door and she's amazing with all of our "kids". Our Sammy-boy has been having a lot of health issues in his later years, but each time he goes into VCA we come out feeling happier than before, knowing that he's in good hands at VCA and that they make him feel better. He's still thriving as of right now, but when his time comes to cross over, I know that VCA will be there to help us through it and to make Sammy as comfortable as possible. Thank you to everyone at the Portsmouth VCA Animal Hospital! :D

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My New Puppy

-Caren from Portsmouth, VA
Pet Name: Dezal

I called VCA yesterday last minute like a hour before closing to have my new puppy check for blood noticed in stool and VCA animal care assistant told me to come right in. I showed up in 5 min and to my surprise, the office was well taken care of and the staff made me and little Dezal feel at home. It was so hot yesterday and worrying about Dezal's health I was sweating and they offered me water.

When we went to the room Dr.S assistant was great also and wonderful with little Dezal and later on my Husband came to see how the baby was and met with Dr. S and he and I said that we felt very comfortable there with everyone and even spoke about the staff when we got home and the Dr. and we both decided that we felt that little Dezal received the best care and it put our mind at rest that our baby will be ok thanks to VCA.

PS- our baby is soo new to us that we dont have any photos yet, but this photo
show alot of what he looks like

From The Caldeyro's

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A culture of caring

-Terri Hayden from Portsmouth, VA
Pet Name: Breeze, Midas, Ozzy and Alosia

We have four canine companions who are patients at VCA Airline Boulevard Animal Hospital. Saying that our dogs are "patients" doesn't seem to fully describe our relationship with the team of veterinarians, technicians and staff � we feel welcomed, valued, and respected.

Over the past 20 years, we have taken our animal companions to this veterinary hospital. We've experienced wonderful medical care, most notably in recent years by Drs. Carpenter, Hubbard and Sevigny, and Dr. Fink before them. Our dogs are giant breeds, and being energetic they experience their share of boo-boos and occasional illnesses requiring veterinary advice and treatment. The team is always patient and demonstrates an appropriate level of urgency for an appointment.

It is customary on arrival to hear "Hello Mrs. Hayden" and a word of welcome to whatever animal accompanies me. There is a caring culture here, and it shows.

Our dogs � ages 6, 5, 2 and 1 - are involved in conformation showing, obedience, Rally-O and therapy work. The VCA team knows each of our dogs and their individual personalities, needs, and activities. The team has shared our excitement over a big win and demonstrated compassion when we've experienced heartbreaking news. It's important to me that our medical professionals are partners in our dogs' health and well-being.

Whether treating our Giant Malamute for ingesting yet another questionable item, evaluating a limp that appeared at a dog show with one of our Shiloh Shepherds, treating a broken toe, finding the reason for an upset stomach, performing litter evaluations, doing a spay or neuter, humanely euthanizing a dear pet, encouraging curiosity from a young person interested in a future medical career, answering questions from a worried owner, or performing annual wellness exams, this team "rocks."

Thank you to Ms. Bronson, the client services staff, the veterinary technicians, and veterinarians for the loving care and attention you've provided to our companions over the years, including our pets who have now crossed the Rainbow Bridge: Mike, Zoe, Hershey & Goldie (our dogs); Silver, Baxter, Zuzu & Max (our cats), and Daisy & Dumble (rats). Also, many thanks for supporting our decision to save a special puppy Vinnie who recently joined his forever home.

A special thank you from our family and our canine partners with whom we are honored to share our lives: Breeze, Midas, Ozzy and Alosia.

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Dexter II is Saved

-Karen and Dave from Chesapeake, VA
Pet Name: Dexter II

Good Evening,

What a delightful group of caregivers for animals! We've been to all of the local Vets and this is by far the BEST! Thanks so much to Dr. Sevigny, Dr. Hubbard, Sherry, Amanda, Ashley, Kelsey, Tammy, Dr. Carpenter, Michael and others for professional greetings, assistance and surgical expertise for our three felines. You are a really great group of people. Dr. Aline Sevigny saved our 6-year-old farm cat, Dexter Paul Morris II, and we will be eternally grateful. What a wonderful veterinarian and surgeon she is! Dexter II had a difficult start in life--born in a shack in the middle of a thunderstorm; lost his brother at age two from a burst tumor and is now happily back to his normal over-eating, whining self. We love him so! We appreciate you all! Sam II and Pauli will also be visiting as needed.

Best wishes, Karen

great service

-sallyandraven from 2513 hickory st., VA
Pet Name: SHEBA

today on April 28th 2012 for the first time my cat went and seen the team here at VCA hospital! i have to say they are the best out there. they treat you like family and handle your animals like there own! my husband and i would love to thank you and your team at VCA for all the love and care! thank you!

Caring for Louie

-Phyllis and Randy Shannon from Portsmouth, VA
Pet Name: Louie

Louie was more than a dog. He was our dear companion and friend for over 15 years. Dr. Conyers and all of the staff at VCA Airline always made us feel that Louie was the most important patient they had...I am certain they do the same for all of their patients. Last June,
they pulled him through a very serious illness. We are so grateful for the extra year we had with him. This morning we made the very difficult decision to let him go. The sensitivity and care that Dr. Conyers and the staff showed us as we had hour final moments with Louie meant the world to us. You not only took excellent care of Louie, you took excellent care of his human family as well. Thank you.

Loving Care

-Nathan and Donna Sellers from Portsmouth, VA
Pet Name: Sapphire

Our cat, Sapphire, has been a patient at VCA Airline Hospital since we adopted him in 2007. Sapphire is known to lash out at others that he is not familiar with, due to an anxiety issue. The staff at VCA Airline Hospital are very understanding and treat him with extra loving care to help him and us. We will get a phone call from the staff, following an appointment, checking up on Sapphire. My husband and I are truly thankful for their kindness and great care they provide for our little Sapphire.