• Hospital Manager

    Carley Freeman
    School: Portsmouth Practical School of Nursing, LPN

    Carley has been with the VCA family since June 2009.  She loves being an advocate for the animals.  She rescued a Domestic Shorthair named "Woody" who was turned in by Animal Control with a busted leg, Dr, Hubbard had to remove the leg and he gets along great!  She also adopted a kitten named "Poptart".  Her favorite dog breed is the Pit Bull.  She is happily married and has three kids.  Activities she enjoys are spending time with her family, going to water parks, cooking out, sitting around the fire, going to church and getting involved in charity events.  3 fun facts about Carley are: she is an Ocean Breeze Waterpark fanatic, she loves watching Reality TV...the crazier the better, and she believes a meal is not complete without onions and it being spicy.

    "There is this amazing feeling you get from helping pets and their families, there is nothing I would rather be doing.  Animals just give you a feeling of happiness!"