VCA Advanced Care Animal Hospital Testimonials

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Thank You

-Brian Fiske from Bedford, TX
Pet Name: Lexi

Dear Dr. Erickson and staff at VCA Bedford, I wanted to thank you and your staff for the support you showed me and to Lexi before we had her put down. Your compassion and support to both of us during that difficult time was very professional, grateful and welcomed. For this I'm am very thankful for your services. Truly, Brian Fiske

Rio our Chocolate Lab.

-Karen Meili from Colleyville, TX
Pet Name: Rio

We changed to VCA Advanced Care Animal Hospital in 2008. Maybe earlier. Always impressed with the entire staff. We have a 14 yr old cat and a 6 yr. old 88 lb. Choc. Lab. One Sept. afternoon, I was upstairs working in my home office. Our dog curled up in a chair next to my desk. Cat on the window sill. I heard a loud thump…our dog had fallen out of the chair and was in full seizure and trying to crawl to me. I held him and turned his head to the side. His seizure lasted what seemed like hours. Terrifying. Called everyone close by to help me get him down the stairs. No one was home. I called VCA Advanced Care. Told whomever answered of my emergency. Within seconds Dr. Neely was on the phone with me asking questions. Seizure had passed but he wasn't walking. Continued to lay on my lap and pant. Dr. Neely calmed me down. Said we lived close and he was at my door with 10 minutes of my call. AT MY DOOR! Learned quite a bit about dog seizures that day. We were scheduled to leave the following day for a 5 day trip and our dog was to be boarded in our regular place. Informed the kennel of his seizure and Dr. Neely contacted them everyday to make sure our boy was doing okay. He's not seized since and we are all doing great. I don't think there is a better facility than VCA Advanced Care.