Pet Resort Information


...Because your pet deserves a vacation, too.

Welcome to the Pet Resort!

We are looking forward to taking care and loving your pet{s} while in our care.

We realize your dog/cat is happier with their own bed and toys, therefore dog/cats may have personal items from home. However, because of past problems, we have to place limits on what we can accept. All articles must be machine washable and able to fit properly in a standard size washing machine. Please remember your pet's bedding will be freshly laundered and will no longer smell like home either. Please be practical.

Do not bring Grandmother’s 100 year old quilt! Dogs may tear up their bedding on occasion because they are not at home.

Items you can bring:

  1. Small Blanket
  2. Towel
  3. Pillow Case and we will stuff it with sheepskin to make it comfortable for you pet(s)
  4. 3 Toys for each pet
  5. Rawhide and Nyla bones
  6. Cookies
  7. Rope Toys
  8. Medications are to be brought in the prescription bottle with the correct instructions . If medication is brought in a baggie or container , we will not be able to accept the medication. (THIS IS A MUST PER OUR DOCTORS)

Items that we CANNOT accept:

  1. Dog/Cat bed {nothing that has stuffing}
  2. Real bones {dog’s can break or chip a tooth on a real bone}
  3. Clothing or footwear
  4. Tennis Balls
  5. Comforters
  6. Pillows
  7. Sleeping Bags
  8. Rugs or Carpet pieces


We reserve the right to refuse all bedding from home. Because of the volume of bedding to be cleaned, our laundry is often backed up for 24-48 hours. This might cause your dog to have no bedding at all if his/her blanket is in the laundry and you stipulate that only his/her blanket may be used. If he/she uses our bedding, this will not happen. We want to keep your dog/cat healthy, clean and comfortable at all times. One way we achieve this is by using our bedding. Also, the chances of lost or misplaced items are eliminated. When we don’t have to look for a lost item, owners are able to check out much faster. Remember, our first concern is your pet’s health and well-being.

Thank you for your cooperation -- The Pet Resort Staff.