Among the several other caring services VCA Adler Animal Hospital and Pet Resort strives to provide, full grooming benefits are proud to be offered through the Pet Resort. Brushing, scrubbing and trimming aren't just about good looks. We consider them a must for good health. Fortunately, our wonderful pet groomer Lorraine Esparza lovingly holds these same views. "I regard comfort and the animal’s well-being as my top priority before aesthetics." On her days off, she enjoys and looks forward to spending time with her daughter and little Chihuahua named, Naners. She also takes great pleasure in driving on long trips with her family and watching sports.

Grooming your four-legged friend is more than just a beauty treatment. It is significantly about good healthcare. Routinely grooming your pet is a good way to practice preventative care and to notice any minor subtle problems early, before they become a more serious, costly issue.

So call and make your appointment with Lorraine today to keep your furry pal feeling and looking great!