Cat Accommodations

We offer a wide range of veterinary services to our clients and have provided a few dedicated informational pages for some of the most common. Veterinary care can be complicated, but does not have to be. For your pet's maximum safety and comfort, all cats are boarded in a fully heated and air conditioned facility. We provide first quality sheepskin bedding, although you are welcome to bring your own bedding if desired (some restrictions do apply). We can accommodate all dietary and medication requests and daily brushing is also available.

To satisfy even the fussiest feline, we offer several different boarding environments:
  • THE SUN ROOM: A room with a view. Our cheery Sun Room is perfectly suited to the socially active cat.
  • THE QUIET ROOM: Far from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, The Quiet Room is ideal for the more timid personality.
  • THE KITTY CASTLE: Our ultimate offering, these 1-4 room suites are filled with cat trees and scratching posts galore... sure to please the pampered pet.
Our toy-filled Kitty Castle Playroom can be rented for extra activities and exercise.

These made-for-cat movies are sure to captivate your pet. One low admission fee covers a movie and a snack (discounts are available for family screenings). Our flicks no showing are:
  • Betty Bird
  • Larry Lizard
  • Freddy Fish
  • Video Catnip
Cat boarding prices range from $18.00 - $64.00 per night, depending upon the accommodations and services that you select.